Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

Nov. 9, 2014

Quoting Paul:
Your group went to see the old and dying Baron of House Phiarlan. Once there you were ambushed by the changeling you met in the Mournland with numerous demons. (you fled from him then) This changeling posing as the Phiarlan Baron along with more demons was able to kidnap Durmindin. From that point on, Joy played as Paeter, Chris’s other character.
Your group finally met the real Baron of Phiarlan who had been kidnapped and tortured months ago for information regarding the Day of Mourning. The Baron told you the cause of the Mourning, which was the Queen of Cyre trying to fulfill the Draconic Prophecy without a thirteenth dragonmark. (hence they stole Durmindin who now bears a 13th mark)
Flamekeep sent out an SOS claiming they are under attack and need assistance. Your group teleported to Flamekeep. They found the changeling again, his name is Tiln along with Helais a ambassador to Breland from Aundair, you dealt with him when that actress was murdered. It turns out he is a Rakshasa trying to free the Demonic Overlord trapped within the Silver Flame, Bel Shalor.
You fought them, you killed the Rakshasa but Bel Shalor was freed from the Flame and an unconscious Durmindin lay at his feet.
Samyr Kes, Ray and Conrad’s leader, came and joined with the Silver Flame which stunned Bel Shalor and all his followers for 1 minute, which gave you enough time to grab Durmindin and the other dragonmarked people and RUN!! The joining of the Silver Flame and Samyr Kes also blessed all of you, giving you magical boons, making you stronger (leveling you up), and increasing the magic in your weapons, armour and neck items.
You ran into Ruth (the old lady who studies the prophecy) and you followed her, she teleported the group to her secret lair. (like Batman) It turns out she is a Red Dragon and Inferna’s mother. Her real name is Viinturuth. She gave you access to her treasure hoard, hence the money and extra magical items. Viinturuth said you should go to the land of the Dragons, Argonnessen, and seek answers to trap Bel Shalor in Khyber once again.



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