Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

July 14th 2013

18th of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

Thrane was holding a ceremony to mark the transition of power from the young Keeper of the Flame to the Queen of Thrane. Leaders, nobles, and ambassadors from across Khorvaire attended this event. Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar aboard the Swift Griffon along with his Commander, Vailen d’Lyrandar, were charged with picking up numerous dignitaries from across Breland, including, Major Kevril Urthadar, Helais the Aundarian ambassador to Breland and Karrnath’s new ambassador to Breland, ___________ (I don’t remember his name). Vailen d’Lyrandar was able to use his connections within House Lyrandar to get the rest of the group invitations to the ceremony & drink vouchers. The ceremony proceeded without incident and the group enjoyed themselves at the ceremony and celebrations that followed. During the celebrations Major Kevril Urthadar introduced the group to an old friend of his whom he thought had died during the Day of Mourning, Ulvein Corsairyk. Durmindin felt an unnatural feeling emanating from Ulvein Corsairyk.

After the celebrations were over the Swift Griffon sailed back to Starilaskur to drop off some passengers. As Major Kevril Urthadar was departing the ship he was approached by a friend with dire news and the Major went rushing off. Before the group could react to that, something went wrong with the ship and the fire elemental that was bound to the ship broke free. It began wreaking havoc, attacking anyone within reach. The group sprang into action. This was a tough fight! The freed fire elemental was joined by two air elementals and a Harpy creature that mainly used cold attacks. The strange appearance of the Harpy informed us that this was some sort of sabotage. But we would have to figure that out later as we fought for our lives. As I said, this was a tough fight, every time the fire elemental took damage it burst with flames, damaging anyone adjacent to it. It also did a massive Burst 5 attack dealing large damage and blinding us. The Harpy and air elementals were able to daze us and inflict ongoing damage. In this fight, Oenomaus Mensah and Ulvein Corsairyk dropped below 0 HP at the same time during the second round. In one round Ulvein Corsairyk took 60 points of damage! Vailen d’Lyrandar had to help Oenomaus Mensah back up and Durmindin had to help Ulvein Corsairyk. But Durmindin only had 2 HP left and was taking 10 ongoing damage at the start of her next turn. Ulvein Corsairyk had to give Durmindin a potion to keep him alive. Watcher came close to dropping below 0 HP as well, but he fought well, particularly, when he did 4 attacks in one turn! (which won’t happen again after checking the rules) He charged the fire elemental, then attacked it again as a free action, then spent an action point and charged an air elemental , killed it and then charged the fire elemental again. It was during this fight that the group discovered that Ulvein Corsairyk was a Vampire as he leaned in close to an air elemental and sucked out it’s life ‘essence’ through fangs. The group won in the end, killing all the monsters but it was not won easily.

Durmindin and Watcher seemed apprehensive about this Vampire companion, and Watcher threatened to kill him a few times. Oenomaus Mensah, despite his devotion to the Silver Flame, felt this Vampire was not particularly evil and therefore did not deserved to be destroyed. Vailen d’Lyrandar also seemed not bothered by the Vampire and even went to offer Ulvein Corsairyk some of his blood to drink during the short rest so Ulvein could heal from the wounds he suffered during the battle.

After defeating the fire elemental Major Kevril Urthadar‘s friend arrived and informed the group that the Major’s farm was on fire. The group rushed to the farm. The farm house front door had been kicked in and the barn was currently burning. We found Major Kevril Urthadar defeated, but alive, at the barn doors. Inside the barn we found two Ogre’s, a Gorgon archer and numerous Half-Orcs. This fight was not as hard as the first; some of the group was bloodied but no one dropped below 0 HP. Vailen d’Lyrandar flew up the second floor of the barn and engaged the Gorgon and Durmindin summoned a Desert Hawk to also attack the Gorgon. Watcher charged the Ogres and killed one in three attacks, then he focused on a Half-Orc with dual scimitars. Oenomaus Mensah Oathed a half-orc minion then killed it and used the extra damage from his weapon against the dual scimitar half-orc. Ulvein Corsairyk summoned a globe of darkness to hide in then jumped out with a garrote and began to strangle the second Ogre; he can sustain the attack as a standard action and continue to strangle. Eventually the Gorgon was the last remaining creature. She was annoying to fight because she would slowly turn us to stone. First she slowed us, then a failed saving throw resulted in us being restrained, then another failed saving throw meant we were petrified. Watcher became petrified at the very end of the fight. There are three ways to undo petrification. A ritual, which we didn’t have. A willing kiss on the lips from the Gorgon, but good luck getting the Gorgon to willingly kiss Watcher. Or smearing the blood of the dead Gorgon on the lips of Watcher. Ulvein Corsairyk killed the Gorgon by biting her neck and sucking her blood, then he licked the Gorgon blood onto Watcher’s face to undo the petrification. Ulvein Corsairyk hopes this act of saving Watcher will improve their relationship.

After all the baddies were dead we searched the barn, no sign of Infernatrix (Inferna). We did notice the Mark of Finding on the dual scimitar wielding half-orc, which means House Tharashk is involved. And that explains the Gorgon and Ogres as House Tharashk is known for hiring monsters as mercenaries. We found some tracks and followed them away from the barn. As we crested the peak of a hill we saw in the distance a band of monsters (including some minotaurs) moving away from us and amongst them we saw Infernatrix (Inferna). We have to get our dragon back.



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