Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

August 5th 2013

23rd of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Dox, Durmindin (came late), Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher (via skype)

We entered the House Cannith building. Tracking Inferna’s captors was not easy, tracks were hard to follow in this place as it was also had wandering monsters. We ended up having numerous encounters will small groups of monsters and members of House Thuraskh without being able to take a short rest to heal or regain our encounter powers.

Our first was against…

Our second fight was against two Ogres.

We entered a room which tracked Eberron and all the other planets (planes) that surround Eberron. In here we had our third fight against a dual wielding Half-Orc named Malek. Plus he had two minotaurs with him and two minion half-orcs. The minotaurs were brutes who liked to charge and push us. Malek had a spinning axe move attacking numerous people. Once we defeated the two minotaurs Malek fled and we killed the two minions he left behind.

We followed Malek’s exit point into a room with an active creation forge inside. There were also many arcane machine/devices in this room doing things we did not understand. Inferna was shackled and being forced to breathe fire into the forge to fuel it. In this room we found Malek again, with his superior, Kentaro. Kentaro admitted to luring us here with Inferna. He ordered his soldiers to take Durmindin alive but kill the rest of us. Kentaro’s soldiers consisted of two frost covered warforged and four Half-Orc minions. 2 rounds into the fight and everything seemed to be going well. Oenomaus Mensah was attacking Kentaro. Dox had summoned a creature to aid us. Durmindin had summoned a giant cobra and was fighting Malek. Malek focused his attacks on Durmindin. Vailen d’Lyrandar was flying around the room helping others where he could. Ulvein Corsairyk had turned invisible and snuck over to Inferna to try and break her out, quite unsuccessfully as he kept failing his Thievery checks. In the third round an Glass Avalanche Dragon joined the fight and that is when things went downhill. This Dragon would move around the room damaging us which would provoke opportunity attacks, but any of us that attacked it were met with a claw attack from the dragon. In one turn the Dragon attacked Dox, Durmindin, Shadow, and Vailen d’Lyrandar. We knew we were in trouble!

Just as Ulvein Corsairyk was giving up trying to break Inferna free from the shackles, Vailen d’Lyrandar had a clever idea and caused Ulvein and Inferna to swap places. Now Inferna was free and Ulvein could easily escape the shackles which were designed to hold a dragon. Now we had our own dragon join the fight, but the Avalanche Dragon was still doing it’s brutal ‘moving multiple attack’. We got lucky when the Avalanche dragon moved over to the area where Oenomaus Mensah, Inferna and Ulvein Corsairyk were fighting Kentaro. Ulvein was able to grab the Dragon with his Garrote and began strangling it. This grabbed immobilized the Dragon so it could no longer do it’s ‘moving multiple attack’. The Dragon attempted to escape many times but could not break free as it was taking a -5 to the attempt.

Vailen d’Lyrandar and Durmindin finished off Malek. Oenomaus Mensah defeated Kentaro. And Ulvein Corsairyk held the Dragon with the strangle until it died. With the dragon dead the minions gave up. We questioned the minions but they didn’t know anything important.

There was a dragon shard on the end of Kentaro’s staff. Durmindin picked it up and was imparted with a verse of the draconic prophecy. He also had an urge to step into the creation forge. Durmindin did step into the forge where radiant light burst into the room. This light touched Ulvein Corsairyk and removed his vampirism as well as the dark skin he suffered from the Mourning. Light shot up from the forge and broke the ceiling so we could see the sky. The dead-gray mist parted when the light hit until we could see the night sky. Then parts of the ring of Syberus began to form a new moon. There were ow 13 moons circling Eberron. Durmindin left the creation forge unharmed, but was now bearing a new Dragonmark on his skin. The first ever, Mark of Life.

After this momentous moment had ended Vailen d’Lyrandar received a Sending message from Solia d’Lyrandar. “Vailen, important. What is your location? Get to nearest House Sivis message station and contact Solia d’Lyrandar via Sending Stone immediately.” Vailen replied that he was in the Mournland, they were responsible for the new moon, and getting to a House Sivis Station would take days.

After 10 minutes Vailen received another sending message…come to the next session to find out what that message was.



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