Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

May 21 2012, Part 2
5th day of Lharvion, 994YK

3 months after saving the village of Baldridge…Being called into Wroat the party had a meeting in a war room within Brokenblade Castle. In attendance were, Major Kevril Urthadar, Lord General Leonan ir’Ellamin, Cardinal Traben, and Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar.

Lord General Leonan welcomed the Major’s Elite Squad and congratulated them on their work thus far. He informed the Major’s Elite that he had a special mission for them.

Using the Nightingale airship, Captained by Oloros d’Lyrandar, the Elite shall fly into Cyre territory under the cover of night fall undetected. Once near the city of Kalazart the Major’s Elite Squad will jump from the Nightingale and use rings of featherfall to land safely. Once they sneak into the city of Kalazart via sewage tunnels they have two objectives:

Main Objective: Steal Cyre military documents from Colonel Nelacar

Secondary Objective: Locate and rescue the Breland spy, Tryn Shortcloak.

Once their objectives are complete they are to escape via a linked portal back to Brokenblade Castle in Wroat.

Join us next time in Eberron to find out what happens…

May 21 2012, Part 1
7th day of Eyre, 994YK

Picking up where we left off in the village of Baldridge…
After coercing the majority of the Cyre soldiers inside the inn, leaving one soldier outside the inn, the party attacked the soldiers. Durmindin and Shadow were still inside their crates and sprang free surprising the enemy. Watcher’s crate malfunctioned and would not open. There were numerous chairs inside the inn which the party and the Cyre soldiers were using by sliding them into their opponents square to gain combat advantage against them. During the battle Durmindin was also using the chairs as improvised shields. At one point a soldier attempted to move past Durmindin and he responded by smashing the soldier in the face with the chair. Shadow was killed and sent back to the feywild until Durmindin summoned him back again. As the battle ensued inside the inn the soldier that remained outside went to inform Lt. Fletcher that the village was under attack. Later, during the battle a soldier kicked a chair into Vailen d’Lyrandar’s gut causing him to hunch over and then the soldier followed with a shield bash smashing Vailen into the wall behind him for more damage. Vailen paid him back by sticking his sword into the soldier’s chest and sending lightning and thunder down the blade causing the soldier to explode with blood and guts splattering the room. The battle ended when Oenomaus Mensah voluntarily stepped into a fire pit, burning himself but then lured the last remaining soldier into the fire after him, burning the soldier to death.
The 8 hostages inside the inn were very thankful and the owner of the inn gave Durmindin a +1 Feyswarm Staff which he kept above the bar as thanks.

The party freed Watcher from his faulty crate and told him to watch the hostages. The group learned that Lt. Fletcher was held up at the town hall and the hostages were being held in a barn. The party decided to free the hostages before going after Fletcher. Oenomaus stealthily scouted ahead and counted 5 guards waiting near the barn. He reported back to Vailen who decided to send Ivellios O’Connel disguised as the wizard they had just defeated in the inn to lure the soldiers away from the barn. Ivellios succeeded in convincing the soldiers that they needed help at the inn and 4 of the 5 soldiers left to help him, leaving 1 at the barn. However, as Ivellios was leaving he saw 3 more soldiers exit a blacksmith house carrying a torch to burn the barn down with the hostages inside. Ivellios told the 4 soldiers he was with, to go on ahead to the inn. He went back to the barn and convinced them that he should be the one to burn the barn down with the torch because, “They raped his sister.” The soldiers agreed and gave the torch to Ivellios.

Meanwhile, Durmindin and Shadow had stealthily crawled through a grassy field to the rear of the barn. The 4 soldiers sent to the inn by Ivellios under the guise of the wizard arrived only to find the front door locked, while Vailen, Oenomaus, Watcher and the 8 hostages snuck out the back door. Watcher and the hostages hid in a field where he could watch them. Vailen and Oenomaus proceeded to sneak up to the barn.

Back at the barn, Ivellios was still holding the torch with 4 Cyre soldiers expecting him to light the barn on fire for retribution for what the hostages had done to his sister. Durmindin left the grassy field and was quietly walking to help Ivellios when a soldier heard him, then spotted him and combat ensued. 2 of the 4 soldiers swarmed Durmindin and while a 3rd was headed that way, Ivellios tripped the soldier pretending it was an accident and the solider believed him. But the 4th soldier didn’t fall for the trick and attacked Ivellios.

Vailen and Oenomaus quickly joined the fight and shortly after them were the 4 soldiers Ivellios had sent to the inn. Ivellios tossed the torch away but didn’t douse it. One Cyre soldier grabbed the torch and then passed it like a baton to another soldier who proceeded to a window to light the barn on fire with the hostages inside. Oenomaus killed the soldiers with the torch but then didn’t douse the flames, but then he was flanked by two soldiers who dealt him lots of damage and he needed healing. Finally Oenomaus doused the torch flames while Ivellios came to heal him; and the whole time a poorly trained Cyre solider who held his sword by the sharp end and attacked with the hilt was attacking Ivellios from behind but kept missing. With the torch doused the party eventually killed the remaining soldiers and freed the hostages. The party found some Boots of Adept Charging that they would hold for Watcher until he was done watching the hostages.

Lt. Fletcher was waiting for the party at the town hall where he had 4 hostages tied to a 10ft high balcony railing with Elven archers using the hostages as cover. Meanwhile Fletcher had 3 soldiers and 1 wizard on the ground with him. Durmindin started off the battle by knocking a soldier and wizard prone with Grasping Vortex, but then two deadly soldiers with shortswords attacked Durmindin. Oenomaus came to Durmindin’s rescue engaging the soldiers in battle while Vailen foolishly headed straight for Lt. Fletcher. Fletcher made two devastating attacks against Vailen, missing both, but a soldier flanked Vailen and landed a brutal cut down his back, bringing Vailen to near death. Ivellios was rushing to Vailen’s aid to heal him when the wizard grasped Ivellios with a giant hand of force immobilizing him. With no one to help him Vailen used his second wind to bolster himself and then launched a devastating attack dealing lightning damage to Fletcher and a soldier with ongoing damage. To assist Vailen, Durmindin summoned a Cobra which began to bite Fletcher repeatedly dealing massive damage and poisoning Lt. Fletcher. After two bites from the cobra, Fletcher was bloodied and near death. Once Fletcher died the Elven archers focused their attacks on Ivellios fatally wounding him; he was dying. Durmindin rushed to his aid using a heal check to grant him use of his second wind. After that the party made short work of the rest of the soldiers, archers and wizard and saved the hostages. Looting Lt. Fletcher the group found a +1 Cloak of Distortion.

After saving the hostages the party lit the green smoke rods and within a few hours Major Kevril Urthadar and a platoon of soldiers were arriving in Baldridge. The Major was impressed, not one hostage died during the party’s infiltration of the village. He paid the group 1,000 gp for hazard pay and asked if they would be interested in doing some more missions like this. The party said yes.

3 months passed as the group completed many more special missions for the Breland/Thrane coalition army. The party leveled up to Level 2! The squad became somewhat of a legend amongst the other soldiers as they would tell stories of the exploits of the Major’s Elite Squad.

After months of successful missions, the squad was summoned to a meeting in Wroat, Breland’s capital…

April 29 2012
5th day of Eyre, 994 YK

The party was recruited by Major Kevril Urthadar of the Breland army to “deliver supplies” posing as a delivery from House Orien from Cyre to the village of Baldridge in Breland that had been taken over by Lt. Fletcher—someone known for using hostages to save his own hide, so therefore our actual purposes were to:
- rescue the villagers
- kill Lt. Fletcher.

Our horses and dirt-laden carriage were delivered by Lt. Vailen d’Lyrandar‘s airship, the Nightingale. The Nightingale is captained by Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar who dropped our team and carriage to a location a short journey from the village. Durmindin (and his pet displacer beast, Shadow) and Watcher hid in crates in the back of the carriage.

We were ambushed by a group of 5 hobgoblins, whom we dispatched without too much difficulty even though they raised a net and had set a few traps. One of the hobgoblins ran away; we tied up another and left him in a pit after questioning him briefly. After looting their bodies we found 100GP and 2 potions of healing.

We came across a patrol of Lt. Fletcher’s men. Through some smooth talking, invoking the fear of Lt. Fletcher’s wrath and the potential for further hobgoblin attack, ensuring the hidden party members stayed quiet, sharing our own rations with the patrol, and distracting the patrol with some air-spirit-rustled bushes, we were able to convince the patrol to let us proceed to the village unmolested and without the patrol checking our crates.

We took an extended rest before travelling to the village, in order to ensure we were as fresh as possible to handle whatever might be in store for us upon our arrival.

At the village, we got all 8 villagers, 5 guards and 2 wizards into the inn through various pretenses about unloading the cart, while Ivellios O’Connel fixed a cart outside and 2 more guards were watching the outside of the inn. Vailen then called Ivellios into the inn to “check something”, standing in such a way that he could close the door behind him; on his way, Ivellios got one of the outside guards to tighten something on the cart to keep him occupied. While coming into the inn, Ivellios tried to fake a trip in such a way that he could grab the door handle to “catch himself” and close the door behind him; he managed to close the door, but didn’t fake the trip convincingly, so the guards have all been alerted that we are trying to do something sneaky.

Next session, we will start by rolling initiative! We have been told that we can assess relative skill level of the baddies, so we may want to work that in as well.

Eberron Begins...
The Year is 994 YK

It’s been 100 years since King Jarot died and the War began in 894 YK. The five nations continue to battle with each other and now monsters like goblins, hags and lizard folk have been claiming land of their own. It doesn’t seem like the War will be ending any time soon and the fighting could go on for another 100 years.

On the 1st of Eyre in the year 994 YK, Lt. Fletcher from the Cyre army took control of the small village, Baldridge, in Breland and took 100 prisoners. Lt. Fletcher is known for executing his hostages to facilitate his own escape when cornered. To save the hostages, Major Kevril Urthadar, of the Breland army assembled a special team of soldiers…


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