Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

April 14th, 2013 - Something something Cult of Khyber
17th of Dravago, 999YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The group continued it’s search of the cultists underground hideout. Dox, Oenomaus and Vailen came upon a mud room. It had raised platforms connected with wooden planks over the soggy floor. A cultist brute waited at the doorway and two wizards inside. Oenomaus went invisible, to sneak into the room and get behind the brute. Dox stepped out to engage the brute and shot him, while Oenomaus surprised him from behind. Vailen flew in after and engaged the first wizard. These mages would curse you, lowering your defenses and then deal more damage to you. Also if you made your save against that condition, as an immediate reaction, they would make you re-roll your save. The fight wasn’t too difficult, Vailen was prone for more than half the battle after falling from one of the platforms. He just flew around and jumped, all the while lying down. Dox couldn’t rid him self of the defense penalty, due to both wizards making him re-roll his save.

With that room out of the way, Athemathos joined the group after some scouting. We found a secret door in the hallway near the mud room and went through it. It led to a small curtained area, part of a larger sleeping area, where one brute was rummaging through a chest, muttering to himself. The plan was for Oenomaus to go invisible and get behind him. Dox would then place his traps down in front of the other door leading out of the room. Sadly Dox failed his stealth check from behind the curtain and battle commenced. Oenomaus struck first and two more enemies quickly ran into the room. A mage stood out in the hallway. Another relatively easy fight and was over fairly fast.

We moved on from the sleeping quarters and came upon a torture room/jail. A brute waited inside, with a mage, two sneaky shifty guys and another brute torturer. The shifty guys could shift two squares, so the were constantly flanking and dealing more damage. Another good fight, not difficult. The highlight was when Oenomaus teleported the torturer into a cage in the corner of the room. He was then forced to drop his weapon and use ranged attacks.

Next we came across a very labyrinthine room, with many hallways and hidden fire traps in the intersections. More annoying curse mages this time, but also in this room were three tieflings who would set you on fire with a ranged area burst and then if you tried to move closer to them, you would take psychic damage. This battle took a lot out of us, the ongoing damage constantly ate away our health. The hallways gave the enemies lots of cover and made reaching them difficult. They basically had us pinned down in one hallway for the majority of the battle. We eventually killed them all looted them. We have now explored all of this compound except for one last area. In Zelda terms, we now have the boss key and are ready to enter the boss’ recluse.

March 29, 2013 - Book Recovery; Mission from Flamekeep
3rd of Eyre - 17th of Dravago, 999YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher FULL ATTENDANCE!!

We finished off Drago and his buddies. He had the book on him. We’d knocked him unconscious so he could be put in jail for his crimes. After that, the ambassador for Aundair showed up with a couple buddies—after all, he was supposed to be meeting with Drago to purchase the book, which had been written by a wizard from Aundair. He looked at the bodies laying around, then looked at us, and said our presence there was unexpected. Right then, Moustache Guy (spymaster of Karnath) showed up with a couple buddies to demand that the book be returned to Karnath, since their adventurers were the ones who retrieved the book from the Mournland and the book had been stolen from Karnath (well, really given to Kelani, but she got it under false pretences so really she stole it). Two Dark Lanterns also showed up ( to demand that the book be given to Breland, since we were in the employ of Breland when we retrieved the book & they saw it as being evidence in the case we were investigating (Kelani’s murder). Aundair argued if any nation but they got it, it would just lead to more conflict (since they didn’t want any secrets potentially in the book about Aundair getting out), whereas if they got it the whole business could just quietly go away. Thing was, nobody knew what was in that book, since it required translation. We offered to burn the book to keep its contents secret forever; Aundair offered to give us the payment he’d planned to give Drago if we gave him the book. Lots of talk and tension later, we set up an arrangement whereby House Lyrander (Vailen’s house) watches over the book and representatives from each nation are allowed to come study it together. A log of visitors is kept, and information discovered is shared with all. Potential four-way battle and Total Party Knock-Out avoided :).

After some time off travelling, riding our dragon, and so on, Athamathos and Oenomaus got summoned to Flame Keep in Thrane, and asked us to come visit. Paul had some character hold a secret conversation with those two characters while the rest of us merrily ate and drank and wondered why we were there. Eventually we were brought inside the cathedral…way inside…like deepest darkest lowest part of the basement inside. There an ancient elf greeted us, told us he was there when the actual Silver Flame was created by the merging of a paladin he knew and a coatl (he had documents to back this up, even though that was hundreds of years ago, and we believe him), and said that he’d been warned by that paladin that corruption would come or some such thing. Anyway, he and his organization (Miron’s Tears—Tira Miron being the paladin) thinks part of the problem with the Church of the Silver Flame now is that they are acting as a government, having ruled Thrane for 86 years now. They want to weed out the corrupt priests (some of whom have been corrupted without knowing it by the Whispers of the flame—see last full paragraph of—but others have made deals with demons and so on to rise in power) and weaken the church so the figurehead queen of Thrane can step up and take back the real throne of power, making the church just a church again. The church will be hurt, but will survive and rebuild itself into something more in line with its ideals. They will be able to stop focusing on politics and instead focus on what really should be important to the church. Oh, and the old elf doesn’t want to become the new leader (we believe him). He doesn’t have many years left in him anyway.

We have agreed to be part of this. Our tasks:
- find and kill the members of a local cult of Khyber
- posing as those cultists (using their robes/etc.), kill a bunch of corrupt priests
- when the cardinals call a meeting to discuss how to respond to the killings, infiltrate the meeting and kill the corrupt cardinals
- the most corrupt cardinal, High Cardinal Krozen, never attends those meetings, so we’ll have to find a way to get him, too

March 17th, 2013
3rd day of Eyre, 999YK.

In Attendance: Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar

The group found themselves in the lower regions of Sharn, the Cogs. We headed to the Tarkanen(?) Hideout where Dox would pose as the Aundarian Embassador and and try to get the book off of Drago. It was completely dark inside the enclave so we cracked a sunrod and ventured in. The first door we opened gave way to a very tiny room with a Grell and two Dolgaunt Lunatics. The Grell’s main tactic was to grab us and slowly drain us, occasionally teleporting the two of us or biting us. The Dolgaunts attacked us with claws and were generally annoying by grabbing us aswell. The fight (which shouldn’t have been difficult, according to Paul) was a very tedious one. The party had a terrible time rolling. 95% of our rolls were under 10, which meant our attacks missed them a lot. One of the Dolgaunts to first get bloodied fairly early in the fight, was the last to die (I think). Our focus turned to the Grell, who would eventually weaken us by being in its grasp for too long. Eventually we killed the three abominations and moved on.
Oenomaus spotted a trail of foot prints in the dust and so we followed them, figuring they belonged to Drago’s party. It led us to a large cavernous room with pools of lava and elevated platform across one side of the room, with a large door on the other side. Inside Drago waited atop the platform with two Destrachans on either side and maybe about twelve guardsmen. Dox, who shapeshifted to appear like the Aundarian Embassador led the party to the base of the platform and greeted Drago. The two conversed about the book and bargained a price. Dox tossed him coin purse at him but sadly did not have enough gold to persuade the dwarf. After that Drago assessed the party surround the “Ambassador” and questioned about the absence of the Royal Eyes. Sensing the ruse Drago turned and left through the large door, saying kill them all, but leave the Ambassador alive.
This fight was fairly easy and took much less time then the first battle. Durmindin quickly disposed of 4 guards on his first turn. Oenomaus engaged the furthest destrachan and Vailen took on the other. The fight was over pretty fast.
We followed Drago and went through the double doors. It led to a sort of throne room where Drago waited along with other gaurds and a masked woman with a long sword. This was quite a fight. The guards in the room were incredibly annoying; as a final death throw they would psyhcically attack you dealing damage and leaving you dazed. Vailen took out Drago with ease but as he dealt the final blow to render him unconcious he reverted to his natural form, that of a female changeling. Durmindin continued to be an amazing controller by locking down the minions and killing many of them. Vailen would always somehow end up being next to a dying minion and thus get attacked and dazed. The masked woman proved to be a worthy advisary and managed to drop Oenomaus. Things got tough because both Dox and Vailen were dazed for a few rounds, meaning they could not interupt the enemies attacks and the healing infusions were spent. Then six or eight more minions ran in from doors on the side of the room. Dox revived Oenomaus and so he was able to continue his assault on the longsword weilding woman. The party managed to pull through and overcome the villians. We questioned the masked woman as to where Drago was and she pointed to the double doors opposite where we came in. That is where the adventure ended, next time, we face Drago!

Feb 3 2013
2nd day of Eyre, 999YK.

In attendance: Chris, Jeff, Joy, Ray, Mark

The investigation into Kelani’s murder continues…

We went to the Karnathi embassy to talk to the ambassador (Syrah, Kelani’s lover) and her spymaster, Malen “Mustache Guy” Tor. When we asked to see the ambassador, we were told that we would have to get approval to do so from the spymaster. We told the spymaster that were investigating a murder. When he asked if Syrah was a suspect, we told him that remained to be seen, and that we believed that Syrah had a relationship with the victim. When we responded to his inquiry as to the identity of the victim, Malen seemed shocked to hear that Kelani was dead, but we could tell he now understood how we had decided we needed to talk to Syrah. He allowed us to see her.

Syrah revealed that she did indeed have a relationship with Kelani. Asked why someone would want to murder Kelani, she said the only thing she could think of was perhaps interest in the spellbook—this told us she was aware of the book. The book was written by _____, who was in Cyre on the Day of Mourning. Some Karnathi adventurers found the book and gave it to the Karnathi embassy. At some point thereafter, Kelani initiated a relationship with Syrah. Syrah doesn’t remember who brought up the subject of the book, but she did secretly let Kelani borrow it. At first, Syrah told us this was because Kelani was a history buff, but since we remembered seeing a lot of dust on Kelani’s history books, we knew that wasn’t the case. Syrah revealed that Kelani was a silver-level member of the Aurum and wanted to prove to someone higher up that she had the book to try to boost her level within the organization. We wondered if perhaps the Aundair ambassador was the person she needed to prove this to. The only people who knew Kelani had the book were Syrah, Kelani and Malen. Malen felt that an actress should not have the book, and arranged for the vampires who attacked us last time to get the book from Kelani’s residence while Kelani was at the theatre. He hadn’t expected the vampires to encounter any resistance.

Syrah also revealed that Kelani’s body was now at the embassy, and that Kelani’s father was on his way with a ritualist to raise her from the dead—having given explicit instructions that no one was to see or touch her body until he arrived. Syrah offered to raise Kelani anyway and let us speak with her anyway…but we would have to wait for the ritual to be complete.

We sent a sending to Darrak, since we know he is a member of the Aurum. We found out from him that the person Kelani would have had to talk to to move up within the organization is a big criminal.

A resurrected Kelani revealed that she used Syrah to get the book, and that she had intended to sell the book back to Aundair. The book involved powerful scrying magic that was active during the Day of Mourning—in other words, the book may contain the answer to what caused the Day of Mourning in the first place. Since that, in turn, could potentially lead to the wrong people having knowledge of a powerful weapon (besides answering the intellectual reason of what caused such a catastrophe in the first place) it is important that the book be located. She recognized the warforged who killed her as an enforcer for the criminal guy.

After checking in with the captain of the guard, we headed off to the tavern The Lucky Lady to confront the criminal guy. After paying the 25g cover, we noticed 3 warforged walking around the tavern, each tailed by a small dinosaur with a saddle. Six more warforged were at the entrance. The servers seemed to be giving them a wide berth and didn’t seem to like them so much. We found out the rest of the necklace we found under Kelani was used by another warforged (currently upstairs) to buy a round of drinks the previous night. We bribed a tavern wench to toss a smokestick out the window if she heard us fighting, to summon the city watch. We also found out the criminal guy was upstairs, meeting with people all week, and that if we wanted a meeting with him we should try speaking with his nephew.

We tried to set up an appointment with the criminal guy, but weren’t having much success until we told the nephew that the criminal was under arrest. That got his attention. We discovered that neither he nor his nephew arranged for Kelani’s murder. We asked where his warforged were at the time of the murder; he said he didn’t know, but that they answered solely to him. He suggested we talk to the warforged. However, as soon as we asked the closest warforged where he was at the time of the murder, he roared and attacked us.

The halflings in the bar did not get involved as the three warforged attacked us on their mounts, but seemingly innocent patrons in the bar did draw weapons and attack us.

We learned from the warforged that Drago Darn (a vicious dwarf from the insurance underworld who allegedly murdered his parents before he’d come of age and used their wealth to buy his way into the Aurum, is dragonmarked & a wizard who’s learned most of his stuff from stolen spellbooks) ordered them to find out about the book. When they didn’t find her at home, they took a small golden statue to prove they had been there. They did indeed find the book at the theatre, kill Kelani, and then hand the book over to an agent of Drago in a dark alley (we got directions). Thora Tarkanen is protecting Drago and helping him to hide. (something about some dragonmark I didn’t get) (and how did the beholder and the weird aberrant “humans” play in there?) Like Kelani, Drago wants to use the book to advance in the Aurum, as well as to force the queen of Aundair to pay to get the book back, knowing she wants it kept under wraps. He has an appointment set up with an Aundairian ambassador under the city(?) to sell the book.

Jan 13 2013
2nd day of Eyre, 999YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox (came late), Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

Investigating the murder of the actress Kelani, in Sharn.

Dec 16th 2012
11th day of Barrakas, 998YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Watcher

We left Darguun safely and arrived back at Starilaskur with the dragon egg hidden under a blanket on the horse we stole from one of the House Deneith members. Major Kevril Urthadar, welcomed us back and asked us for a tale of our adventure. He was very shocked to find out we had returned with a dragon egg. We set up a stall in the barn for the egg and Watcher lived up to his name and watched the egg 24 hours a day. Actually, Watcher did take a break from watching the egg and went to go kill a deer in anticipation of feeding the baby dragon. After 3 days, on the 14th of Barrakas, the egg began to hatch. Watcher called for the rest of the group and we all watched as a baby red dragon hatched from the egg. It was hungry so we fed it deer meat and after it clumsily crawled around for a couple hours it fell asleep on Watcher’s lap. This routine continued for a while, eat sleep, poop. It began walking once it was a day old. We were curious if it was a boy or a girl so Watcher flipped it over and Durmindin checked, it’s a girl!

By 2 weeks the dragon was running, clumsily, and understanding commands like sit, come and stay. Durmindin and Watcher used their vast knowledge of nature to train the dragon. By 4 weeks the dragon had started flying, although they were short flights.

It was at this time that we had to leave for the Sharn Festival. Vailen d’Lyrandar had an event to judge there and the rest of us were going to compete. Dox stayed with Major Kevril Urthadar and the dragon. Using House Orien teleportation stations we traveled to Sharn.

The Sharn Festival was huge with various events to become involved with, and lots of food, drink, and music. While walking around and looking at all the events we bumped into Dorian d’Cannith. He put on a fake smile and pretended to be happy to see us. He asked where we’ve been staying lately but we wouldn’t tell him. He asked if Dox was around and if so, who was he pretending to be today? Watcher really wanted to attack Dorian, and Dorian encouraged him because he wanted to see Watcher get arrested for assaulting someone at the festival. He also wanted to remind us that he hasn’t forgotten about us since our escape and he will make us pay for the death of his son, Davoren. He told us to enjoy the festival and then walked away.

Getting back to the festival, there were numerous events, many sponsored by the various Houses. We will list them below and any medals we won in the event.

It was actually any ranged projectile against a target. Each contestant got 3 shots. Watcher, surprisingly, won a gold medal and Durmindin got a Bronze.

This was an elimination style tournament using our skills with a melee weapon. Athemathos, Oenomaus Mensah, and Watcher all entered this event but each one was eliminated. We won no medals.

The Gauntlet
This was an obstacle course where we had to use our agility to get to the end. None of the contestants actually finished the gauntlet so the final decision was in the hands of the judges. Watcher, again surprisingly, won a Silver medal and Durmindin won a Bronze.

Rock Climbing
There were 3 walls set up with different difficulties. We had to climb up and then climb back down. Watcher took a Silver medal.

We had to run 24 miles in 3 hours. Watcher with his great endurance took a Silver medal.

The Spy
Contestants had to sneak across a field without being seen by a scout at the other end. Oenomaus Mensah took a Silver medal.

The Scout
Contestants now had to spot spies trying to sneak across the field. Oenomaus Mensah, with his keen eyes, took a Gold medal.

Test your Might
Contestants had to break 3 things of various difficulties. Watcher took a Bronze medal.

Liar Liar
Mixed amongst a crowd with some people telling lies and some telling the truth, contestants had to use their insight to detect who was telling the lies. And then we switched and had a chance to tell the lies and not get caught. For their excellent insight, Oenomaus Mensah took a Gold medal and Watcher took a Bronze. For being good liars, Athemathos got a Silver medal and Watcher got a Bronze.

Playing Doctor
Each contestant was given a “patient”. We had to question them about their symptoms, diagnose their condition and then apply a treatment. Durmindin got a Gold medal and Athemathos got a Bronze.

Each contestant was allowed to craft an item. Dorian d’Cannith was one of the judges and we’re sure he gave us a bad score on purpose. There were two other judges and even with Dorian giving us a bad score Oenomaus Mensah took a Silver medal, although we’re sure he would have won Gold if not for Dorian d’Cannith.

We rigged this event by having Athemathos fight Oenomaus Mensah and Durmindin fight Watcher, but Athemathos and Durmindin let the other two win. The final match was between Oenomaus Mensah and Watcher. In the end, Watcher took Gold, Oenomaus Mensah took Silver and Durmindin took Bronze.

Story Telling
Contestants had to entertain a crowd with their story telling abilities. Athemathos took a Gold medal and Watcher took a Bronze.

Test of Faith
Each contestant had to chant hymns and perform a religious ceremony for this event. Athemathos took a Silver medal and Oenomaus Mensah took a Bronze.

Beast Master
Contestants must use their animal companion or familiar to accomplish tasks with them. Durmindin was about to start this event when screaming was heard.

House Vadalis had various creatures on display in cages throughout the festival. The locks on the cages had broken and the wild animals were getting loose. There was a Dire Tiger, a Young Owlbear, a Ruin Scarab Collider, a Silverback Gorilla, and four Spitting Cobras loose in our vicinity. The Sharn Watch had engaged animals elsewhere. Dorian d’Cannith was right next to the cage with the Young Owlbear and was in immediate danger. We thought about leaving him there to die (although against the oath of the Silver Flame) but decided saving him might improve our relationship with him. (ever the optimists) It didn’t matter because Dorian d’Cannith fled the first chance he got. The Owlbear took a swipe at his back as he fled but it missed. The Dire Tiger mauled one poor soul who happened to be right next to the cage and then it moved over to attack Athemathos. Durmindin put a grasping tide on all four of the Spitting Cobras. Thankfully the cobras are low to the ground and all four immediately drowned in the vortex of water. (later, our nature checks revealed that the cobras would have been able to blind us with their spit, so thank goodness we got rid of them early.) We all focused our attacks on the Dire Tiger and it dropped quickly. Next, the silverback gorilla died, eventually followed by the Young Owlbear. Only the Scarab was left and it fell quickly to our attacks. This fight was very easy, only Athemathos was bloodied and mainly because he kept marking all the animals. The festival events really got us pumped as we rarely missed our attacks. Meanwhile the animals could barely hit us.

Once the battle was over and everything was under control again Iyan ir’Talan, the Lord Commander of the Sharn Watch came over and thanked us for stopping the beasts and saving many lives. He remembered us from 2 months ago as we were the lead investigators in the murder of Hadvar Arroway here in Sharn which led to the arrest of Zanben Sapphiredge. He thanked us again and said he may have need to ask for our assistance in the future if Sharn ever needs our help.

Dorian d’Cannith, also thanked us for saving his life and many others, very publicly. And then privately leaned in and blamed us for the animals getting loose in an attempt to kill him. Watcher, publicly, accused Dorian d’Cannith of being responsible for the animals release. Dorian d’Cannith scoffed and pointed out that he was in immediate danger from the animals. House Vadalis apologized for the danger the animals caused. Looking at the locks on the cages, which were made by House Cannith, they were all broken. House Vadalis blamed House Cannith for this incident. House Cannith examined the locks and determined someone had tampered with them so they would break. The Sharn Watch said they would look into the incident to determine who is to blame as it appears this involves some sabotage.

Getting back to the festival…

Beast Master
Durmindin took a Silver medal.

The final event: Sky Ship Race
This is a group event where teams work together to race a Sky Ship through the tight towers of Sharn. Durmindin steered the ship & predicted wind gusts, Oenomaus Mensah spotted upcoming turns and obstacles, Watcher held the sails and endured the hold, and Athemathos used his insight to predict the opponents movements to avoid mid-air collisions. Athemathos also intimidated and yelled at other ships when they flew near. We did quite well. There was a mid-air collision with another ship when Athemathos did not successfully predict that a sky ship that had become lost during the race would blind-side us with a t-bone impact. We had to make saving throws to not be thrown overboard. There was a railing on the ship which gave us a bonus to our saves. And thank goodness for that as Athemathos, Oenomaus Mensah and Watcher would have all been thrown overboard if not for the railings. During the final stretch of the race Oenomaus Mensah didn’t spot an obstacle and the ship collided. Oenomaus Mensah was thrown overboard but everyone else managed to stay aboard. Luckily we had tied life lines around our waists so Oenomaus Mensah only dangled from the sky ship.
Our group took the Gold medal for this event.

This was the last event. There was a ceremony at the end where they handed out medals and gold pieces for the winners. We won 20,000gp in total and 26 medals. 7 Gold, 9 Silver, 10 Bronze.
Watcher received 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze. 11 medals.
Oenomaus Mensah received 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze. 7 medals.
Durmindin received 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze. 6 medals.
Athemathos received 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze. 5 medals.
The Gold medal amount doesn’t add up correctly because each team member received a Gold medal for the Sky Ship Race.

We used the teleportation circle to travel back to Starilaskur. As soon as we arrived back in Starilaskur even before we left the teleportation room a Warforged approached Oenomaus Mensah, put his hand on his shoulder and whispered, “Dorian says he owes you this.” And then the Warforged blew up in a burst explosion!! None of us were seriously hurt but there were injured people all over the place. We tended to the wounded. Guards came rushing in the room and asked what happened. Watcher said, Dorian d’Cannith sent a Warforged to kill us. The guards seemed skeptical of this accusation and asked for proof. The guards searched the room and amidst pieces of the Warforged they found a charred amulet holy symbol of the Dark Six. Engraved on the back were the words, “Death to the Sovereign Host & Silver Flame”. The guards said they would notify the Sharn Watch that a Dark Six cult just attacked Starilaskur. Athemathos was apprehensive that Dorian d’Cannith now knows which city we traveled to.

We continued back to the farm of Major Kevril Urthadar where Dox and the dragon were waiting. We spent the next 6 months (and all of winter) at the farm raising the dragon. Teaching her to speak and skills she can use. Once she was 7 months old she had grown to a medium sized dragon, she was flying well and learning how to speak. We also spent time shopping for items and tending to our personal lives. Vailen d’Lyrandar is a member of House Lyrandar afterall and has responsibilities to the House. Over those 6 months we earned another 5,000gp from personal duties and minor jobs.

We have some decisions to make about the baby red dragon.
Two Languages:
Four Skills:

All was quiet and peaceful for us until the beginning of the month of Eyre, mid-spring, in the year 999YK. That was when we received a message…

Dec 2 2012
1st day of Barrakas, 998YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar. (And Durmindin being controlled by Chris)

We had just discovered an old chimney leading underground in the ruins of Lyrenton when we were attacked by Phantom Warriors and Wights. And although this ended up being the lowest level encounter for the day, this was also the hardest encounter. The phantom warriors were insubstantial so our attacks only dealt half damage, except for Vailen d’Lyrandar’s force attacks. Plus, their phantom swords ignored our AC so they were attacking our reflex and constantly hitting us. The wights were ranged attackers who immobilized us and then moved in close to steal a healing surge. Thanks to out of turn saving throws, no one suffered the loss of a healing surge this way. We killed a wight, only to have another wight reanimate it again. We quickly killed it again! And then we finished off the last wight. The phantom warriors took lots of damage and gave lots of damage but we killed all of them in the end.

We lowered a rope down into the chimney and sent Oenomaus Mensah first. He spit on his hands and then climbed down the rope, and then lost his grip! Oenomaus Mensah fell 50 feet to the floor and took about 25-30 damage from the fall. He was bloodied. After that, everyone was a little more careful, except Vailen d’Lyrandar who climbed down the rope head-first and landed safely. Everyone else climbed down without injury. Athemathos stripped off his armor and shield first so he could climb better, and a good thing he did or else he would have fallen too.

We ended up in a very old looking kitchen, as it turns out these underground ruins are from the old Dhakaani Empire which would make them anywhere from 10,000 – 16,000 years old. Exploring the ruins we entered sleeping quarters, this room was also full of spiderwebs and spiders! We fought 2 crystal spiders and 2 phase spiders. The crystal spiders would shoot blinding radiant beams and them move in for a poisonous bite. The phase spiders were just teleporting all over the place and biting us. We eventually killed them and we found some rare Gloaming Cloth armor for Oenomaus Mensah. He can now turn invisible!

We back tracked back to the kitchen and took another exit out of them room. We entered a large hall with 3 large carrion crawlers. Oenomaus Mensah charged in and attacked while invisible. However, once he became visible he was attacked by a boggle body snatcher which dominated him! The rest of the group charged into the room and Athemathos gave Oenomaus Mensah a saving throw, ending the domination. The carrion crawlers were not hard and we killed them quickly. But the body snatchers were annoying as they would dominate us and remove their own bodies from play, and when the domination was done they would teleport to a pillar 15 above us where we couldn’t reach them. They dominated Durmindin who cast grasping vortex on his companion, Shadow which also attacked Durmindin, Dox and Vailen d’Lyrandar. Luckily, only 1 of them got hurt from the attack. This dominating and hiding continued for a while and we were about to leave them room when the body snatchers finally came down to attack us with their claws. We killed them quickly. Vailen d’Lyrandar particularly disliked these things and stabbed them numerous times after they died. In this room we found some Iron armbands of Power for Watcher although, Oenomaus Mensah quickly put them on and decided he would keep them. Watcher was surprisingly silent about this…as if he wasn’t there.

Exploring the Dhakaani ruins some more we came across an old throne room. Everything seemed normal except for two things; first, there was a cold fire pit in the room (someone had been here), and second, there was a 10 foot cube made of something that looked like ice but it wasn’t cold. Looking at the fire pit we saw evidence of goblins tracks, a few days old. There were also bent and broken weapons laying at the ground around the cube like the goblins had been hitting it. Oenomaus Mensah hit the cube with his weapon, and his arms shook like a baseball bat hitting a brick wall. The cube seemed unaffected by anything we did to it. It was somewhat see-through and we could see some sort of stone the size of a halfling inside the cube. Suddenly, Dox heard voices and footsteps approaching. We hid.

3 bugbears and 6 goblins entered the room. The goblins were offering the cube to the bugbears who were of the Ghaal’dar Clan. That’s about the time when initiative was rolled. This battle wasn’t as bad as we thought, but our tactics were flawless. It was as if Durmindin and Vailen d’Lyrandar were thinking the same thoughts. Plus we had perfected a maneuver where Dox lays down invisible cold traps and then Durmindin pushes the enemies into the traps and they take damage. We had goblins pinned down and in-between difficult terrain so they couldn’t shift away, it was beautiful. Athemathos tried to intimidate the bugbear leader into submitting but it didn’t work. Athemathos tried again and succeeded, ultimately ending the battle. (BTW, I looked this up and once you fail, you can’t try again, my bad.) We tied up the bugbear and questioned him, but he knew nothing.

Getting back to the cube, Vailen d’Lyrandar attacked it with thunder, nothing happened. Durmindin attacked it with lightning, nothing happened. We read the prophecy verse again, “The way shall lead to ruin but the seed is sealed. Life is given as the dragon on the griffon’s back and nature’s ardor bring storm underground.” and we thought about this. We need to bring storm underground, but what is a storm? It’s wind and rain and lightning and thunder. Combining our powers Athemathos, Dox, Durmindin, and Vailen d’Lyrandar all cast powers to emulate these storm effects. We then controlled our powers with our knowledge of the arcane and nature. The effort was too great for Athemathos and Dox who became tired and collapsed or suffered the typical bloody nose when trying too hard when using a power. Durmindin and Vailen d’Lyrandar held on and successfully manipulated the powers into a storm with wind and rain and lightning struck the cube and thunder echoed through the underground halls. The cube began to crack and then shattered pushing us all back. Inside the cube was saw the halfling sized stone on a pedestal with lots of gold around the base of the pedestal. Durmindin looked closely at the stone and realized it’s a dragon egg!

Listening against the egg we could hear a heartbeat and movement inside. The egg was also warm to the touch. We discussed many options about what to do with it, Vailen d’Lyrandar suggested bringing it to House Lyrandar to study it, Dox considered destroying it, and Athemathos wanted to keep it a secret amongst the group. We decided we were going to bring it to Starilaskur and stay with Ex-Major Kevril Urthadar who has a farm on the outskirts of the town. The Ghaal’dar goblins entered the ruins through another entrance, we went that way to find House Deneith soldiers being lead to the ruins and the cube by goblins. House Deneith laid claims to the cube. Vailen d’Lyrandar explained that there is no cube and they were attacked by goblins who laid a trap for them. Meanwhile, Watcher and Durmindin were sent back to the egg to use the chimney and exit that way. They were successful. Once the egg was cleared Vailen d’Lyrandar told House Deneith they’re welcome to go see for themselves that there is no cube.

While Deneith went into the ruins we scared their mounts into running away, but leaving their food and water for them, so they could not pursue us easily. Actually, we stole one of their mounts so that horse could carry the 100lbs egg. We hurried back to our mounts and rode off, heading north through Darguun avoiding any major roads. While leaving we realized we had left one bugbear tied up and very much aware of what happened with the cube and the dragon egg. That bugbear would be able to tell House Deneith and the Ghaal’dar clan everything that happened in the ruins. “Whoops.” Using his stealth skills, Oenomaus Mensah, was able to lead us through the wilds of Darguun without any encounters. Once back into Breland territory we headed for Starilaskur, we should arrive by the 11th day of Barrakas.

During the ride back to Starilaskur Vailen d’Lyrandar and Dox mentioned an annual carnival that is held in Sharn and it will be happening in about a months time. Vailen d’Lyrandar has to go and judge the House Lyrandar event and he likes to participate in some of the other events. Dox likes to participate because there are cash prizes to be won. They encourage everyone else to come and participate because it’s a lot of fun.

But first things first, we have to get the egg back to Starilaskur and hatch a dragon in Major Kevril Urthadar’s barn. Durmindin thinks it will hatch in a couple weeks…

Nov 11 2012
1st day of Barrakas, 998YK

In Attendance: Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher.

Via our horse mounts we traveled from Starilaskur to New Cyre and then to Sterngate. At Sterngate we purchased a Flag of Safe Passage for 100gp which is supposed to grant us safe passage through Darguun. From Sterngate we headed to the Gathering Stone but while traversing the Marguul Pass of the Seawall Mountains we were attacked by a band of 6 goblins desperate for money and looking for slaves to sell. These goblins ignored the Flag of Safe Passage since they were not part of the ruling clan of Ghaal’dar but they were no match for us. Most dying after two hits from Watcher. Two of the tougher goblins, carrying battleaxes, hit Vailen d’Lyrandar a few times making him bloodied but Dox was there to heal him. We found a whopping 10gp on the goblin leader.

On the road, traveling to the Gathering Stone we caught up to a large goblin caravan carrying the flag of the Ghaal’dar clan. They respected our Flag of Safe Passage and let us pass without incident. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke to their Hobgoblin leader offering our protection while traveling in the same direction. The hobgoblin laughed and said, “If you were goblins I wouldn’t trust you, but seeing as you’re foreigners in this land I actually think your word holds truth.” (as it will turn out, he shouldn’t have trusted Vailen) If was after Vailen d’Lyrandar made the arrangement that we realized these goblins were transporting 20 human & halfling slaves of men, women and children to the Darguun capital Rhukaan Draal. Suddenly we had a moral dilemma. Do we free the slaves or not? Oenomaus Mensah and Athemathos being of the Silver Flame immediately wanted to free the slaves. Watcher, being considered “property” during the Last War knew what it was like to be a “slave” and wanted to free them too. Vailen d’Lyrandar, while being opposed to slavery, saw this scenario in more than black & white. Vailen spoke to the hobgoblin leader about the slaves, the hobgoblin stated that this is the Darguun way of life. You don’t see goblins going into Breland protesting that they don’t use slaves. Vailen brought up the point to the rest of the group, once the slaves are free, where to they go? They’re in the middle of Darguun with no way to defend themselves. Plus, in attacking the Ghaal’dar clan we risk angering the most powerful clan of Darguun. Dox agreed with Vailen and thought it would be best not to free the slaves. Oenomaus Mensah argued that while the slaves might be free and alone in Darguun at least they have a fighting chance. While all this debating was going on, Watcher seriously considered just attacking the goblins and ending the dispute. The DM thinks the only thing that held him back was the thought of his group not aiding him in the battle. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke quietly to some of the slaves, asking them if they’d rather be free and have a fighting chance in the middle of Darguun or remain safe as slaves. The slaves wanted freedom. Vailen d’Lyrandar asked all of us to wait on our decision until we reached the Gathering Stone (a fortress run by House Deneith).

Arriving at the Gathering Stone we found 10 other goblin clans camped outside the fortress, waiting their turns to prove their worth to House Deneith. We realized attacking the Ghaal’dar clan here would be a bad idea. This was also the final deciding point because from here the caravan would go south while we would continue east. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke to Durmindin, who had been unusually quiet the whole trip, for his opinion. Durmindin reminded Vailen that when he first arrived in Breland he was locked up and experimented on by the army, he didn’t want these slaves to suffer a similar fate. That was the turning point, it was now 4 of the group for freeing the slaves and 2 of the group against. We decided to let the caravan continue south, we would head east and then cut through the wilds and set an ambush ahead of them.

Hiding in some bushes we waited for the 5 wagon caravan to arrive. Vailen d’Lyrandar and Dox seemed uneasy, this was a large group they were about to face. The caravan had 10 in it’s group. 1 hobgoblin leader on horseback, 4 goblins on horse back, 1 goblin wizard, 1 gnoll wizard, 2 big bugbears and 1 goblin driving a wagon. We jumped out of the bushes and surprised the goblins getting in our first attacks. We bloodied one of the bugbears and killed a goblin on horseback immediately. Watcher almost laughed, confident this would be an easy fight; but then the goblin group retaliated. The hobgoblin leader was angry at Vailen for bearing the Flag of Safe Passage and offering their help and then betraying the goblins like this. He focused his attacks on Vailen. The bugbears were brutes who rarely missed their attacks causing lots of damage. At one point Vailen was trapped on a wagon and pinned between the hobgoblin and a bugbear, luckily Watcher came to his rescue. Oenomaus Mensah focused his attacks on the goblin wizard but every time he hit the wizard he would be slowed. The goblin minions focused their attacks on Dox and rarely missed, slowly wearing him down 4 hp at a time. The gnoll wizard missed most of his attacks and wasn’t much of a threat. At one point he cursed Vailen and made his skin peel off with 5 ongoing damage. We slowly killed the group one at a time until there was only the gnoll and 3 goblin minions left. At this point the all tried to flee, in different directions. The gnoll took 2 opportunity attacks from Oenomaus Mensah and Vailen d’Lyrandar and died. A goblin minion on foot, whose speed was 6, was easily chased down by Watcher whose speed was 10 while charging, due to his Rage. The other two minions were on horseback. Dox shot one in the back with a critical hit and it died. The other goblin was getting further away and Dox was suffering penalties to his crossbow attack from the distance. His first shot missed, just grazing the goblins ear, with a roll of 17 against his AC of 18. The goblin moved even further away, Dox was now suffering a -4 to his attacks from the distance. Dox aimed carefully, fired and…nailed the goblin with a roll of 24 including the -4! No goblin witnesses remained.

We freed the slaves and gave them the goblin’s armor, weapons and horses. We found 290gp on the hobgoblin leader. We gave the slaves 300gp that will hopefully help them and sent them onto the House Deneith fortress. We traveled back through the wilds back to the road headed east and continued to our destination of the Lyrenton ruins.

Oenomaus Mensah left the session. Dox, Vailen d’Lyrandar, and Watcher remained.

We finally arrived at Lyrenton, the whole trip from Starilaskur to here took 10 days. Lyrenton is on the boarder next to the Mournland. We could see the wall of gray mist looming in the air. Vailen d’Lyrandar and Durmindin had eery feelings being so close to the Mournland, afraid of what may be lurking. As soon as we arrived at the ruins we were attacked by a living spell; a Living Flaming Sphere to be exact which was granted sentience by the Mournland. This sphere was all over the place. Slamming Vailen and then rolling into Watcher. Each time we hit it a flame burst would burn us. It also had an aura that would burn us. Dox reduced the damage from the aura by constantly doing cold damage to the sphere. This sphere was rolling all over the place and we wish we had Durmindin with his Vortex to lock it down. At one point it hit Vailen twice and dropped him below 0 hp. Dox was there to save him but the whole group quickly ran out of healing using second winds and warforged resolve. It ultimately came down to hit for hit, who would drop first, us or the sphere. Thankfully, the flames of the sphere burned out and we found a red hot amulet on the ground. Vailen d’Lyrandar poured water on it to cool it and identified it as an Amulet of Resolution +2. (I think they thought Durmindin should get this)

In Lyrenton, we set up a camp inside one of the few buildings still standing. We began searching the ruins, not exactly sure what we were looking for but expecting to be lead underground. We estimated it would take 3 days to search the whole ruined town, which use to be home for 2,000 people 29 years ago. Each night while we slept in our camp, Watcher would hear things outside the building, going ‘bump’ in the night. On our 4th day of searching the ruins, (our 3rd day was a really bad search) Dox came across a hole in the ground which actually looks like an old chimney. We tied a sunrod to some rope and lowered it; the chimney was 50 feet deep and led to a room below. Just as we did this we heard the moans and groans of undead things approaching. We looked around us to see some ghostly soldiers and wights (which are kind of like zombies) headed our way.

And that is where the session ended…join us next time.

Oct 28th 2012
19th day of Lharvion, 998YK

In attendance: Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

The party had just finished off the large-handed warforged who beat some of us senseless during the interogations and decided to to venture forth from where the enemies came from. We came upon a door leading to a small 3 X 5 or 6 room with two exits, the party chose the exit opposite from where we came in to go through. It led to a small office with a desk, chair and bookcases. Oenomaus searched the office thoroughly and stumbled upon a secret staircase behind one of the bookcases. Vailen cracked a sunrod and the party descended into the darkness, closing the door behind them. After some weaving through the tunnels, we came upon a formation of stones in the shape of an arrow. We choose to head in the direction the arrow pointed, Vailen kicked the formation of stones, just for safe measures in case we were being pursued.

The tunnel we were traversing eventually faded from being finely crafted stone walls to more cavernous, rough stone. The party emerged from the tunnel in a medium sized cavern, with small pools of water and glowing mushrooms. Two exits could be seen, one directly in front of them and one to the right. The exit across from the party also had another formation of stones in the shape of an arrow. Also in the room with them was a curious creature called a Scathebeast Bull. It looked like a cross between a giraffe and camel and it’s body was covered it an acidic slime. The creature took a defensive stance and the party attacked. Nothing spectacular, it was dead in one rounds time, Watcher charged and speared it to death. Just as that happened though, two large Hellghost Dark Drakes charged us from the other exit. They bowled over Watcher and Vailen, knocking them prone and giving Vailen ongoing fire damage. Oenomaus Mensah also received ongoing fire damage which he kept failing his saving throw for. This fight was more interesting. The drakes emit a purple fiery aura, which made you more vulnerable to fire damage. Again nothing too challenging. The drakes would bite at us, knocked us prone when they charged through us and they had a ghostfire burst attack when they became bloodied.

Watcher, Vailen, Oenomaus and Dox followed the arrow once again and after what seemed a long time, emerged well outside of Sharn. Six horses were tied to a tree nearby and Oenomaus remembered what Tryn had said: to meet her at the Brokenblade Castle in Wroat. So we saddled up and swiftly ventured to Wroat.

Upon getting there we went to Brokenblade Castle. We met the General, Ex-Major Kevril Urthadar and Tryn and thanked them greatly for helping us escape. The General, who we haven’t seen in two years since the War ended, said he was glad we were all safe and reminded us that if we ever need help, we have friends in high places. Then the General winked (or blinked, it’s hard to tell because he wears an eye patch) and he left. Ex-Major Kevril Urthadar explained that it was House Cannith that was behind our capture and interrogation, somewhat. It was all arranged by Dorian d’Cannith who is using his own wealth to fund the hunt for Dox. House Cannith is not supporting Dorian’s actions but they’re not stopping him either as they seem to be turning a blind eye to his personal vendetta against Dox. The Major explained that it should be okay for the group to enter House Cannith buildings and do business with House Cannith but they must watch their backs for Dorian d’Cannith, who will certainly be looking for them. (Vailen and Dox (as Illyanna) then told Tryn about Dox’ true identity and his past and asked her to look into the murder of Davoren d’Cannith around 16 years ago in Sharn for anything she could find) The Ex-Major asked for our help because he was being pestered by an old crone in his local tavern, the Jovial Sceptre Meadhall in Starilaskur. The old lady has been bothering him for weeks, calling him “The Advocate” and asking him to bring forth “The Dragon that rides the Griffon’s back”. Major Kevril thought she was crazy but then he learned that Vailen d’Lyrandar, a dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar, was a commander on the airship the Swift Griffon. And he started to think that maybe this old lady was looking for Vailen.

So we went to see the old woman in Starilaskur inside the Jovial Scepter Meadhall and she spoke of the Draconic Prophecy. As she spoke a storm had started to approach. Her name is Ruth Betrid, she is a old (80 years) human female who has been studying the Draconic Prophecy since she was a child. Her father used to study it and then it became her passion. The table she was sitting at was covered in papers with verses of the Prophecy written down and a map of Khorvaire. One particular verse caught Vailen d’Lyrandar’s eye:
“Winds blow from storm to flame on an element in the sky. A tempest lets loose its wrath and fury upon the hands it carries. The elemental leader falls to the tempests ferocity. His progeny enveloped by the storm is forever marked. With wind at his feet and thunder at his reach he drives the tempest away.”
While reading this prophecy verse Vailen thinks back to the day his father died around 16 years ago. They were flying from Stormhome to Flamekeep on their airship. Suddenly a Tempest Dragon attacked the ship, Vailen’s father was killed in the attack. Vailen’s mark of storm manifested then. The dragon seemed vulnerable to Vailen’s thunder attacks and it flew off. Vailen also remembers that in the chaos after the attack a large egg, the size of a human baby, was found on the ship by a Cardinal of the Silver Flame. Vailen recalls the Cardinal took the egg with him to Flamekeep. (btw, this somewhat alludes to the origins of Athemathos)

Ruth shows us the verse of the prophecy which refers to the Dragon on the Griffon’s back:
“The Advocate draws forth the Dragon that rides the Griffon’s back. Whilst the other dragon rides the wind of the storm. Amidst thunder and lightning two dragons clash atop the Scepter. Lightning shall blaze the victorious.”

We studied the verse for a while trying to figure out what it could mean when a loud ‘thump’ sound could be heard as something very heavy landed on the roof of the tavern followed by a roar! (which sounded a lot like a T-Rex from the movie Jurassic Park) As the dust settles from the rafters Dox, Vailen, Watcher and Oenomaus headed outside to investigate. Durmindin and Ahemathos stayed inside to calm the other patrons. When they got outside they saw that a large blue dragon had landed on the roof. The dragon roared ferociously and the party headed up to combat it.

The dragon went first. It approached the edge of the roof and unleashed a blast of electrical discharge from its maw. The blast bloodied Dox and Oenomaus. Vailen managed to dodge, but got hit with a little of the breath weapon, resisting some of that damage. Vailen flew up to face the dragon head on and Oenomaus ran and leaped onto some pillars outside and flung his body onto the roof. Watcher scaled the outside of the building and then charged the dragon. With all the rain, the roof had become quite slippery. (If anyone moved more than half their speed, they would slip and maybe fall off the roof) Dox was content to shoot at the dragon with his crossbow from the ground. This worked well until the hobgoblins showed up. Two climbed the roof to engage the melee fighters while two stabbed Dox in the back, nearly killing him. Durmindin, Shadow and Ahemathos dealt with more hobgoblins around the tavern. Vailen and the dragon had quite the feud, with stabs of his rapier followed by claws from the dragon. Plus the prophetic storm seemed to empower Vailen d’Lyrandar’s attacks even more, doing more damage. Durmindin’s lighting also seemed stronger. Vailen d’Lyrandar asked the dragon why is was here attacking them, to which the Dragon responded with the verse of the prophecy, “Lightning shall blaze the victorious.” Once per round, after being hit by a melee attack, the dragon would flap his wings, knocking anyone around him prone and allowing him to be repositioned. Watcher managed another charge and that attack bloodied the dragon, which was both a blessing and a curse. After becoming bloodied the dragons breath weapon recharged and he unleashed the blast on Vailen, Oenomaus and one of the hobgoblins near Oenomaus. The blast killed the minion and dropped Vailen. Dox drew a flask of Alchemists fire from his pouch and hurled it at his attackers, killing them, he then healed Vailen. The remaining hobgoblin charged Watcher and managed to spear him. In his excitement though, the hobgoblin slipped and slid off the edge of the roof. The fall killed him. (EPIC FAIL!) The party then whittled down the dragon until finally (and fittingly) Vailen landed the killing blow on the Dragon.

After the fight, a bolt of lightning struck at Vailen‘s feet and left a dragon shard. He picked it up and a vision of a prophecy mark flashed through his head. He found that if he concentrated he could focus on the mark. He told Ruth about it and they studied the crystal together. Using her own dragonshard (which she uses to store prophecy verses) she then imprinted the symbol on a piece of parchment. This new prophecy mark revealed this verse to Vailen d’Lyrandar and Ruth after a few days of studying it:__
“Bear the mark on Eberron. It shall encompass the towers and grasp the broken blade. It shall present a dragon’s roost and wield the victors scepter. The way shall lead to ruin but the seed is sealed. Life is given as the dragon on the griffon’s back and nature’s ardor bring storm underground.”
We had been studying the verse for a while unsure of what it meant. Ruth became frustrated and slammed the imprint of the prophecy mark down which landed on the map of Khorvaire. Vailen d’Lyrandar picked up the mark again to look at it but Dox and Watcher almost simultaneously told Vailen d’Lyrandar to put the mark back on the map. They began to think that the line, “Bear the Mark on Eberron” might mean to use the mark as some sort of compass to point to something. They lined up the Mark with Sharn (the towers), Wroat (broken blade castle), Dragonroost (a city in Zilargo), and Starilaskur (the victor’s [jovial] scepter) and found that the Mark pointed to the ruins of Lyrenton in Darguun. Darguun is a nation ruled by goblins, and not a friendly place.

The part of the verse “The way shall lead to ruin but the seed is sealed. Life is given as the dragon on the griffon’s back and nature’s ardor bring storm underground.” is still unclear to us. But we’re thinking that “nature’s ardor” could refer to Durmindin and “bring the storm underground.” means we’re going to meet the X-Men.

Next session, we’re headed to Darguun, goblin country!!

Oct 14th 2012
19th day of Lharvion, 998YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

They got their gear from the room full of traps. Dox nearly died many times, everyone’s priority became keeping Dox alive while also disabling traps.

After they got their gear they wandered looking for the exit as this area is smudged on the map given to them by Tryn Shortcloak. After reaching a dead-end, doubling back and trying a different route they encountered the Warforged who was responsible for beating them during their interrogation. They fought him, they beat him, and Athemathos intimidated one of the guards into submitting.

We left off with the party still looking for the exit and very few healing surges left…


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