Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

April 29 2012
5th day of Eyre, 994 YK

The party was recruited by Major Kevril Urthadar of the Breland army to “deliver supplies” posing as a delivery from House Orien from Cyre to the village of Baldridge in Breland that had been taken over by Lt. Fletcher—someone known for using hostages to save his own hide, so therefore our actual purposes were to:
- rescue the villagers
- kill Lt. Fletcher.

Our horses and dirt-laden carriage were delivered by Lt. Vailen d’Lyrandar‘s airship, the Nightingale. The Nightingale is captained by Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar who dropped our team and carriage to a location a short journey from the village. Durmindin (and his pet displacer beast, Shadow) and Watcher hid in crates in the back of the carriage.

We were ambushed by a group of 5 hobgoblins, whom we dispatched without too much difficulty even though they raised a net and had set a few traps. One of the hobgoblins ran away; we tied up another and left him in a pit after questioning him briefly. After looting their bodies we found 100GP and 2 potions of healing.

We came across a patrol of Lt. Fletcher’s men. Through some smooth talking, invoking the fear of Lt. Fletcher’s wrath and the potential for further hobgoblin attack, ensuring the hidden party members stayed quiet, sharing our own rations with the patrol, and distracting the patrol with some air-spirit-rustled bushes, we were able to convince the patrol to let us proceed to the village unmolested and without the patrol checking our crates.

We took an extended rest before travelling to the village, in order to ensure we were as fresh as possible to handle whatever might be in store for us upon our arrival.

At the village, we got all 8 villagers, 5 guards and 2 wizards into the inn through various pretenses about unloading the cart, while Ivellios O’Connel fixed a cart outside and 2 more guards were watching the outside of the inn. Vailen then called Ivellios into the inn to “check something”, standing in such a way that he could close the door behind him; on his way, Ivellios got one of the outside guards to tighten something on the cart to keep him occupied. While coming into the inn, Ivellios tried to fake a trip in such a way that he could grab the door handle to “catch himself” and close the door behind him; he managed to close the door, but didn’t fake the trip convincingly, so the guards have all been alerted that we are trying to do something sneaky.

Next session, we will start by rolling initiative! We have been told that we can assess relative skill level of the baddies, so we may want to work that in as well.

Eberron Begins...
The Year is 994 YK

It’s been 100 years since King Jarot died and the War began in 894 YK. The five nations continue to battle with each other and now monsters like goblins, hags and lizard folk have been claiming land of their own. It doesn’t seem like the War will be ending any time soon and the fighting could go on for another 100 years.

On the 1st of Eyre in the year 994 YK, Lt. Fletcher from the Cyre army took control of the small village, Baldridge, in Breland and took 100 prisoners. Lt. Fletcher is known for executing his hostages to facilitate his own escape when cornered. To save the hostages, Major Kevril Urthadar, of the Breland army assembled a special team of soldiers…


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