Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

Defeat Bel Shalor - Eberron Campaign Ended

On January 23rd, 2016 We had full attendance with Ray and Mark leaving the session early. In the end, Bel Shalor was defeated, Eberron was saved, and thus ending this Campaign.

This campaign started April 29 2012 and finished January 23 2016.

Jan. 10, 2015

We got a House Lyrandar airship (after buying griffons for ourselves and retrieving Inferna for the trip to Argonessen), and Vailen was made the captain. One day into our approximately 10-day journey, we encountered another airship flying House Lyrandar colours…and it attacked us! Vailen realized that the ship was one that had been taken by a rogue captain from House Lyrandar and had basically been used as a pirate ship ever since. Hippogryphs brought riders from the other ship to attack us, four minions fired wands from the ship, and catapults fired “deck sweeper” constructs over to attack us as well. Eventually we prevailed and carried on our way.

When we reached Argonesseon, we noticed an unnatural storm building up as we approached the continent with our airship, which dissipated as we backed off. Oenomaus, Dox and Watcher took some flying mounts on an experimental trip to see if going in without the large ship would make a difference. The storm did not re-develop, so we all headed in on flying mounts…and were approached by fire and air elementals. We have now vanquished them, but we are still in flight.

Nov. 9, 2014

Quoting Paul:
Your group went to see the old and dying Baron of House Phiarlan. Once there you were ambushed by the changeling you met in the Mournland with numerous demons. (you fled from him then) This changeling posing as the Phiarlan Baron along with more demons was able to kidnap Durmindin. From that point on, Joy played as Paeter, Chris’s other character.
Your group finally met the real Baron of Phiarlan who had been kidnapped and tortured months ago for information regarding the Day of Mourning. The Baron told you the cause of the Mourning, which was the Queen of Cyre trying to fulfill the Draconic Prophecy without a thirteenth dragonmark. (hence they stole Durmindin who now bears a 13th mark)
Flamekeep sent out an SOS claiming they are under attack and need assistance. Your group teleported to Flamekeep. They found the changeling again, his name is Tiln along with Helais a ambassador to Breland from Aundair, you dealt with him when that actress was murdered. It turns out he is a Rakshasa trying to free the Demonic Overlord trapped within the Silver Flame, Bel Shalor.
You fought them, you killed the Rakshasa but Bel Shalor was freed from the Flame and an unconscious Durmindin lay at his feet.
Samyr Kes, Ray and Conrad’s leader, came and joined with the Silver Flame which stunned Bel Shalor and all his followers for 1 minute, which gave you enough time to grab Durmindin and the other dragonmarked people and RUN!! The joining of the Silver Flame and Samyr Kes also blessed all of you, giving you magical boons, making you stronger (leveling you up), and increasing the magic in your weapons, armour and neck items.
You ran into Ruth (the old lady who studies the prophecy) and you followed her, she teleported the group to her secret lair. (like Batman) It turns out she is a Red Dragon and Inferna’s mother. Her real name is Viinturuth. She gave you access to her treasure hoard, hence the money and extra magical items. Viinturuth said you should go to the land of the Dragons, Argonnessen, and seek answers to trap Bel Shalor in Khyber once again.

Sept. 22, 2013

Present: Oenomaus, Vailen, Dox, Durmindin. Inferna was also with us.

Remember we were looking for the origin of the Mourning, with the clues that the Queen was probably present when it happened and it originated underground. Because of this, we were investigating pretty much any cave or stairs leading down within the ruins of a particular city in the Mournland.

Battle 1:
We entered a large cave that had molten lava flowing under a glassy floor. Glass stalagmite-type things poked up out of the floor, and there was a 3×3 pool of lava near the middle of the room. It also had some small vent holes in some areas of the walls. The room looked as if part of it had been a natural cave and the far side looked more like a room. We fought 3 not-insubstantial ghosty things that had a shared HP pool (these tried to possess us), 3 living chilling cloud spells (these came out of the vent holes, and their cold contrasting with the heat of the lava caused the glass to break some), and a ghostly-looking hag that tried to sing to us. The chilling clouds had an Aura 1 that gave us a penalty to attacks.

Skill checks helped us notice that the ghosts were wearing the insignia of House Deneith. Inferna missed practically every attack she attempted. Durmindin got 2 critical hits and Dox got 1. Oenomaus got possessed, but we managed to free him before anything major happened to him. Overall, we managed to come through with only small cuts and scrapes. Looking around afterward, we were able to ascertain that this had been a House Deneith enclave. Oenomaus got hit by one of the glowing orbs from the forge that have been randomly slamming into us; this upgraded his Iron Armbands.

Battle 2:
On exiting the cave, we found ourselves facing a slightly elevated platform topped by a smaller platform. It also had 2 statues on it covered in webbing and a third statue that had partially crumbled. The side of the platform closest to us was also somewhat crumbled, allowing us to ascend the platform via difficult terrain without going all the way around to the stairs. Two undead creatures spotted us and began to advance towards us, and we quickly discovered that the webs were living acidic webs. They could shoot webs at us that caused us to be immobilized and take ongoing acid damage. Clouds of daggers also showed up to cause mayhem. (Yes, this is basically the same encounter Chris set against us another session, but not levelled up so Paul says this won’t be as difficult.)

We done good. I don’t know what to say about this one, sorry!

Battle 3:
We spent the night in an old church of the Sovereign Host. There were various holes in the walls; we used pews to try to patch up some of these. Moaning was heard throughout the night, but nothing attacked us until the morning. Shortly after rising, various undead minions approached and started to bust up the pews we’d put in the holes. If you were next to them when they died, black guck got on you and caused damage. There were A LOT of these (43 total)…they just kept coming. Inferna took a lot of damage because we left her out attacking some of the zombies outside (plus Durmindin included her in an area attack), but the rest of us did pretty well in terms of HP.

August 5th 2013
23rd of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Dox, Durmindin (came late), Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher (via skype)

We entered the House Cannith building. Tracking Inferna’s captors was not easy, tracks were hard to follow in this place as it was also had wandering monsters. We ended up having numerous encounters will small groups of monsters and members of House Thuraskh without being able to take a short rest to heal or regain our encounter powers.

Our first was against…

Our second fight was against two Ogres.

We entered a room which tracked Eberron and all the other planets (planes) that surround Eberron. In here we had our third fight against a dual wielding Half-Orc named Malek. Plus he had two minotaurs with him and two minion half-orcs. The minotaurs were brutes who liked to charge and push us. Malek had a spinning axe move attacking numerous people. Once we defeated the two minotaurs Malek fled and we killed the two minions he left behind.

We followed Malek’s exit point into a room with an active creation forge inside. There were also many arcane machine/devices in this room doing things we did not understand. Inferna was shackled and being forced to breathe fire into the forge to fuel it. In this room we found Malek again, with his superior, Kentaro. Kentaro admitted to luring us here with Inferna. He ordered his soldiers to take Durmindin alive but kill the rest of us. Kentaro’s soldiers consisted of two frost covered warforged and four Half-Orc minions. 2 rounds into the fight and everything seemed to be going well. Oenomaus Mensah was attacking Kentaro. Dox had summoned a creature to aid us. Durmindin had summoned a giant cobra and was fighting Malek. Malek focused his attacks on Durmindin. Vailen d’Lyrandar was flying around the room helping others where he could. Ulvein Corsairyk had turned invisible and snuck over to Inferna to try and break her out, quite unsuccessfully as he kept failing his Thievery checks. In the third round an Glass Avalanche Dragon joined the fight and that is when things went downhill. This Dragon would move around the room damaging us which would provoke opportunity attacks, but any of us that attacked it were met with a claw attack from the dragon. In one turn the Dragon attacked Dox, Durmindin, Shadow, and Vailen d’Lyrandar. We knew we were in trouble!

Just as Ulvein Corsairyk was giving up trying to break Inferna free from the shackles, Vailen d’Lyrandar had a clever idea and caused Ulvein and Inferna to swap places. Now Inferna was free and Ulvein could easily escape the shackles which were designed to hold a dragon. Now we had our own dragon join the fight, but the Avalanche Dragon was still doing it’s brutal ‘moving multiple attack’. We got lucky when the Avalanche dragon moved over to the area where Oenomaus Mensah, Inferna and Ulvein Corsairyk were fighting Kentaro. Ulvein was able to grab the Dragon with his Garrote and began strangling it. This grabbed immobilized the Dragon so it could no longer do it’s ‘moving multiple attack’. The Dragon attempted to escape many times but could not break free as it was taking a -5 to the attempt.

Vailen d’Lyrandar and Durmindin finished off Malek. Oenomaus Mensah defeated Kentaro. And Ulvein Corsairyk held the Dragon with the strangle until it died. With the dragon dead the minions gave up. We questioned the minions but they didn’t know anything important.

There was a dragon shard on the end of Kentaro’s staff. Durmindin picked it up and was imparted with a verse of the draconic prophecy. He also had an urge to step into the creation forge. Durmindin did step into the forge where radiant light burst into the room. This light touched Ulvein Corsairyk and removed his vampirism as well as the dark skin he suffered from the Mourning. Light shot up from the forge and broke the ceiling so we could see the sky. The dead-gray mist parted when the light hit until we could see the night sky. Then parts of the ring of Syberus began to form a new moon. There were ow 13 moons circling Eberron. Durmindin left the creation forge unharmed, but was now bearing a new Dragonmark on his skin. The first ever, Mark of Life.

After this momentous moment had ended Vailen d’Lyrandar received a Sending message from Solia d’Lyrandar. “Vailen, important. What is your location? Get to nearest House Sivis message station and contact Solia d’Lyrandar via Sending Stone immediately.” Vailen replied that he was in the Mournland, they were responsible for the new moon, and getting to a House Sivis Station would take days.

After 10 minutes Vailen received another sending message…come to the next session to find out what that message was.

July 28th 2013
18th of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

We were chasing the House Tharashk monsters through the hilly lands of Breland when we saw them leave in a small elemental airship, a Dagger Class. They headed south-east. Not being able to catch up to them in the ship we went to House Orien to rent some Magebread Horses with enchanted hooves. This cost us 100gp each, 50gp of that is a deposit plus 2gp per day. We rode day and night over the next couple days, desperately trying to keep the airship within our sight, which Oenomaus Mensah was very good at spotting with his keen eyesight. We had to endure riding so hard without extended rests, only being able to take multiple short rests during the ride. If we failed the endurance check then we were too tired to assist with spotting and following the airship. After following the airship for many days we saw them land in the distance right next to the dead gray mist of the Mournland. We saw numerous creatures enter the Mournland mists. We searched the airship once we arrived at it, the crew was no where to be found but we did find the Half-Elf Captain of the ship with his Mark of Storm but he was dead. House Lyrandar was betrayed by whomever hired them. On the ship we found evidence that Infernatrix (Inferna) was on it by claw marks and scorch marks.

We entered the dead-gray mists of the Mournland and had to navigate our way through the thick fog. While in the Mournland healing is more difficult and the mist seems to drain our hope. A few of us permanently lost healing surges which we can only regain once we exit the Mournland. Durmindin and Watcher were kind enough to allow Ulvein Corsairyk to suck a little of each of their blood so he could regain one healing surge. With Durmindin‘s excellent sense of direction we easily made it through the mist plus Oenomaus Mensah and Ulvein Corsairyk were able to stealthily lead the group to avoid encounters with numerous wandering creatures. We eventually made it through the thick mist and came across an old battlefield with dead bodies laying on the ground. Vailen d’Lyrandar cast detect magic and located a magical helmet for himself.

As we continued to follow the tracks of Infernatrix (Inferna) captors we stumbled upon some undead Cyre soldiers eating recently deceased bodies. (House Tharashk members?) We fought the undead monsters plus a living spell of Evard’s Black Tentacle combined with a Ray of Enfeeblement. And two insubstantial ghosts joined against us. (I don’t remember much of this fight because this is when my web browser shut down and I stopped making notes.) But I do remember Watcher focusing his attacks on the Tentacles and they died by the 2nd round. Very impressive. Also, Durmindin summoned her demon, _________ (name?) to join us in the fight.

After defeating those monsters we continued to follow the tracks. They brought us to the Glass Plateau which is in the centre of the Mournland near the city of Making. On the plateau we encountered 2 living spells of Corrosive Webbing, 6-8 living spells of Cloud of Daggers and 2 ash covered zombie-like monsters. The Clouds of Dagger died easily with one hit. Ulvein Corsairyk and Vailen d’Lyrandar got into a minor argument about who to attack. Ulvein Corsairyk wanted to attack the Daggers and Vailen d’Lyrandar insisted he focus his attacks on the Corrosive Webbing. Ulvein Corsairyk eventually did as Vailen suggested, attacking the Webbing, and even went as far as to bite the webbing and suck it’s blood. (Webbing blood…strange…) Durmindin had summoned a Desert Hawk earlier in the battle and now planned to do numerous attacks through use of an Action Point. Durmindin made an attack roll but rolled a 5 and missed. The target of his attack was Oenomaus Mensah‘s oath so he allowed Durmindin a re-roll. He tried again but instead rolled a 3, missed again. Durmindin then spent an action point and made a second attack but rolled a critical miss! Now for the Desert Hawk, it made an instinctive attack roll but rolled another critical miss! Because of Durmindin’s action point the Hawk got to make another attack and tried again but rolled a 2! Five attack rolls and not one of them hit. It must of been the despair from the dead-gray mist of the Mournland getting to Durmindin. We eventually won this fight and continued following the tracks.

The tracks lead us to the ruin city of Making and into a building with the coat of arms for House Cannith. That is where the session ended.

July 14th 2013
18th of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

Thrane was holding a ceremony to mark the transition of power from the young Keeper of the Flame to the Queen of Thrane. Leaders, nobles, and ambassadors from across Khorvaire attended this event. Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar aboard the Swift Griffon along with his Commander, Vailen d’Lyrandar, were charged with picking up numerous dignitaries from across Breland, including, Major Kevril Urthadar, Helais the Aundarian ambassador to Breland and Karrnath’s new ambassador to Breland, ___________ (I don’t remember his name). Vailen d’Lyrandar was able to use his connections within House Lyrandar to get the rest of the group invitations to the ceremony & drink vouchers. The ceremony proceeded without incident and the group enjoyed themselves at the ceremony and celebrations that followed. During the celebrations Major Kevril Urthadar introduced the group to an old friend of his whom he thought had died during the Day of Mourning, Ulvein Corsairyk. Durmindin felt an unnatural feeling emanating from Ulvein Corsairyk.

After the celebrations were over the Swift Griffon sailed back to Starilaskur to drop off some passengers. As Major Kevril Urthadar was departing the ship he was approached by a friend with dire news and the Major went rushing off. Before the group could react to that, something went wrong with the ship and the fire elemental that was bound to the ship broke free. It began wreaking havoc, attacking anyone within reach. The group sprang into action. This was a tough fight! The freed fire elemental was joined by two air elementals and a Harpy creature that mainly used cold attacks. The strange appearance of the Harpy informed us that this was some sort of sabotage. But we would have to figure that out later as we fought for our lives. As I said, this was a tough fight, every time the fire elemental took damage it burst with flames, damaging anyone adjacent to it. It also did a massive Burst 5 attack dealing large damage and blinding us. The Harpy and air elementals were able to daze us and inflict ongoing damage. In this fight, Oenomaus Mensah and Ulvein Corsairyk dropped below 0 HP at the same time during the second round. In one round Ulvein Corsairyk took 60 points of damage! Vailen d’Lyrandar had to help Oenomaus Mensah back up and Durmindin had to help Ulvein Corsairyk. But Durmindin only had 2 HP left and was taking 10 ongoing damage at the start of her next turn. Ulvein Corsairyk had to give Durmindin a potion to keep him alive. Watcher came close to dropping below 0 HP as well, but he fought well, particularly, when he did 4 attacks in one turn! (which won’t happen again after checking the rules) He charged the fire elemental, then attacked it again as a free action, then spent an action point and charged an air elemental , killed it and then charged the fire elemental again. It was during this fight that the group discovered that Ulvein Corsairyk was a Vampire as he leaned in close to an air elemental and sucked out it’s life ‘essence’ through fangs. The group won in the end, killing all the monsters but it was not won easily.

Durmindin and Watcher seemed apprehensive about this Vampire companion, and Watcher threatened to kill him a few times. Oenomaus Mensah, despite his devotion to the Silver Flame, felt this Vampire was not particularly evil and therefore did not deserved to be destroyed. Vailen d’Lyrandar also seemed not bothered by the Vampire and even went to offer Ulvein Corsairyk some of his blood to drink during the short rest so Ulvein could heal from the wounds he suffered during the battle.

After defeating the fire elemental Major Kevril Urthadar‘s friend arrived and informed the group that the Major’s farm was on fire. The group rushed to the farm. The farm house front door had been kicked in and the barn was currently burning. We found Major Kevril Urthadar defeated, but alive, at the barn doors. Inside the barn we found two Ogre’s, a Gorgon archer and numerous Half-Orcs. This fight was not as hard as the first; some of the group was bloodied but no one dropped below 0 HP. Vailen d’Lyrandar flew up the second floor of the barn and engaged the Gorgon and Durmindin summoned a Desert Hawk to also attack the Gorgon. Watcher charged the Ogres and killed one in three attacks, then he focused on a Half-Orc with dual scimitars. Oenomaus Mensah Oathed a half-orc minion then killed it and used the extra damage from his weapon against the dual scimitar half-orc. Ulvein Corsairyk summoned a globe of darkness to hide in then jumped out with a garrote and began to strangle the second Ogre; he can sustain the attack as a standard action and continue to strangle. Eventually the Gorgon was the last remaining creature. She was annoying to fight because she would slowly turn us to stone. First she slowed us, then a failed saving throw resulted in us being restrained, then another failed saving throw meant we were petrified. Watcher became petrified at the very end of the fight. There are three ways to undo petrification. A ritual, which we didn’t have. A willing kiss on the lips from the Gorgon, but good luck getting the Gorgon to willingly kiss Watcher. Or smearing the blood of the dead Gorgon on the lips of Watcher. Ulvein Corsairyk killed the Gorgon by biting her neck and sucking her blood, then he licked the Gorgon blood onto Watcher’s face to undo the petrification. Ulvein Corsairyk hopes this act of saving Watcher will improve their relationship.

After all the baddies were dead we searched the barn, no sign of Infernatrix (Inferna). We did notice the Mark of Finding on the dual scimitar wielding half-orc, which means House Tharashk is involved. And that explains the Gorgon and Ogres as House Tharashk is known for hiring monsters as mercenaries. We found some tracks and followed them away from the barn. As we crested the peak of a hill we saw in the distance a band of monsters (including some minotaurs) moving away from us and amongst them we saw Infernatrix (Inferna). We have to get our dragon back.

July 1st, 2013 (Canada Day!)
16th of Nymm, 999YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The group had just defeated the Council of Cardinals of the Silver Flame, killing 5 corrupt members and stealing their souls with Soul Gems. As the group quickly rested and cleaned their weapons they heard guards approaching from outside the chamber. The group had planned to exit out the secret doors but there were guards approaching from both exits. Two of the guards fought with shield and bastard sword. They had a maneuver in which they would knock you prone with their shield and then attack with their bastard sword, keeping you prone for a whole turn. The other two guards were ranged attackers, attacking with silver flames and creating zones of burning fire. They could also teleport and create a zone of smoke causing obscured vision. Every member of the group got bloodied this battle, but the group won, none the less. Before leaving the Council chamber the group made sure to carve the symbol for the Cult of Khyber into the council table.

The group made their way through the halls avoiding guard patrols, paladins and other members of the Silver Flame. Eventually they came to the entrance to Krozen’s throne room which was being guarded by four of Krozen’s personal and most loyal guards. Two of the guards fought with whips; their tactic was to trip you and then attempt a more devastating attack while you were prone. Thanks to interventions from Athemathos and Vailen d’Lyrandar the more devastating attacks were never successful. The other two guards fought with glaives with a melee reach of 2, plus threatening reach. Durmindin took one of these glaive guards out of the fight by pushing him into a small alcove at the side of the room and then putting difficult terrain in front of him plus hitting him with a Grasping Tide so if he attempted to leave the area he might be knocked prone. In addition to that, someone else restrained the same guard so he was stuck there for a couple rounds. Oenomaus Mensah utilized the alcoves in the room by moving his Oath target to one of them so he could focus his attacks against his Oath. This group of guards dropped easier than the first group met in the council chamber, perhaps it was the excellent use of the alcoves in the room.

In the next room was Krozen, waiting, with two Bulezau demons and two archers. Krozen tried to bargain with the group in an attempt to make an alliance. He pointed out that the group (still posed as Khyber cultist) worshiped Khyber and other demons and that he kept the company of demons. The Cult of Khyber could benefit from having an secret ally as powerful as Krozen on their side. The group refused, repeatedly. Meanwhile, Oenomaus Mensah was invisible thanks to his armor and was sneaking closer and closer to Krozen while he spoke. Krozen realized the group was not going to accept his offer and he ordered his demons to attack. The Bulezau were large goat-like demons with huge spears and long tails. The spears gave them melee 3 reach and their tails were melee 2. As a minor action they could trip you with their tail. They also got two attacks per turn with the huge spear. The archers had the skill to hit one target with an arrow and have that arrow glance off the first target and hit a second target. Krozen was able to daze, stun and cause ongoing damage with his attacks. The group handled Krozen very well as Durmindin began the encounter by summoning two snakes to flank Krozen, impeding on his ranged attacks. Krozen responded by having the Bulezau demons attack and kill the snakes as quickly as possible. The group mainly focused on Krozen, they successfully put Krozen’s back to a wall and surrounded him with Durmindin‘s snake, Athemathos, Oenomaus Mensah and Vailen d’Lyrandar. Everyone attacked Krozen and it seemed like he might drop quickly, but he had a special amulet which he focused on one of the Bulezau demons. The demon’s life force was sucked into the amulet and then transferred to Krozen, healing him. However, the group continued to pound on him, causing Krozen to steal the life of the second demon as well. Krozen remained trapped, surrounded by the group, and desperation took over. Krozen realized that Durmindin was from another plane and he hoped his amulet would be able to steal his life force as it had with the demons. Krozen focused the amulet on Durmindin and began to drain his life. Vailen d’Lyrandar landed a killing blow on Krozen ending the attack on Durmindin but as Durmindin‘s life force began to transfer back through the amulet and back into Durmindin’s body something went wrong. The amulet exploded, releasing various demonic souls which vanished through the walls and windows of the throne room. But one demon soul got stuck with the life force returning to Durmindin and bound with him. Not fully aware of what had just happened the group continued as planned. They stole Krozen’s soul via the Soul Gem. Guards could be heard searching the castle for the intruders. The group stashed away all Cult of Khyber items and then “joined” the guards in the search for the Khyber assailants, who were surprisingly never found.

Mission Accomplished.

The Silver Flame had never felt so vulnerable. The head of the church had been easily attacked and defeated in their very own head quarters. The Cult of Khyber appeared out of nowhere and vanished just as easily. Samyr Kes, leader of Miron’s Tears, used his secret agents to manipulate the puppet strings of events over the next several weeks in Thrane. His agent on the Council of Cardinals subtly suggested to the other Cardinals that the Silver Flame might not be able to handle the responsibilities of both the church and of Thrane. His agent with Queen Diani ir’Wynarn, she is rightful heir to the throne of Thrane, pushed the Queen to use this opportunity of weakness in the Silver Flame to take the throne. Whether it has a hostile ascension to the throne or a peaceful one is not fully known. But in the public eye, perhaps in an effort to show strength and unity to the other Nations of Khorvaire, it was seen as a collaborative effort. The Keeper of the Flame and the Council of Cardinals stepped aside and endorsed Queen Diani ir’Wynarn’s right to the throne of Thrane. They even stayed as advisers to the Queen during the transition period from one leader to another.

The church of the Silver Flame also focused on revenge against the Cult of Khyber. They announced a church sanctioned scouring of the continent to destroy all Cults of Khyber and their ilk. Similar to the Purge in 832YK when they nearly brought Lycanthropes to the point of extinction. Dark days lie ahead for the Cult of Khyber…

While all this was happening over the next several weeks, the group went about their own personal business.

Vailen d’Lyrandar sailed a few missions for House Lyrandar. During one mission he was thought dead when the crew witnessed him struck by lightning during a bad storm. But he survived and emerged stronger and more in-tune with the elements of the storm after that.

Durmindin traveled to the Eldeen Reaches to seek a solution to being freed from this demon bound to him. He studied with many druids, fey and Gatekeepers of the Reaches but did not find a way to unbind the demon. However, his studies did strengthen his summoning abilities.

Dox began inventing and tinkering with tiny constructs. He learned ways to use them in battle against his enemies and to aid his allies. Dox also started adding improvements to Watcher. Making Watcher stronger and better at charging his opponents.

Thanks to their major role in over throwing High Cardinal Krozen and the other corrupt priests Oenomaus Mensah and Athemathos ascended the ranks within their secret organization, Miron’s Tears. Oenomaus Mensah became the right hand man to Samyr Kes and Athemathos became the left hand man. Both of them under went rituals to imbue them with more divine power and closer to the Silver Flame.

Funny side note to mention: Oenomaus Mensah had just retrained a level 2 utility power that he never (or rarely) used that allowed him to stand up from prone as a minor action. However, this particular day, in every battle there was a villain that could knock him prone. And Oenomaus Mensah had to wonder, why o’ why did he retrain that power?

May 19th, 2013
17th of Dravago - 16th of Nymm, 999YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The session begins with the group still in the dungeon of a group of Cult of Khyber followers. Located under the ruins of Baran’s Keep in Breland. In the last room of the dungeon the group comes across a ritual being performed by a high priest of the Cultists. He’s transforming humans into strange abominations. There were 8 guards along the hallway to the ritual chamber. In the ritual chamber were 3 large abominations and the Khyber High Priest. The guards were only minions but they made it awkward to move down the hallway to the abominations and the priest. Anyone who made it past the guards was met with the large tentacled abominations who would grab their target and then slowly drain their life by sustaining the grab. Meanwhile the Priest was blinding the PC’s and restraining them whenever possible. The group came out on top, killing all the guards, abominations and high priest. Then they followed through with their plan, stealing items and clothing of the Cult of Khyber so they may pose as them when they attack the corrupt priests of the Silver Flame.

Now the group was posed as Cultists of Khyber, and to avoid being tracked too easily, traveled across Breland via horseback so no ID papers had to be shown. This involved several weeks of traveling. We had a list of four people to kill and frame the Cult of Khyber for it. In Sharn – Otitlin Carter, Male Human Archpriest of Silver Flame and half-brother to Cruorin Carter. In Wroat – Cruorin Carter, Male Half-Elf Archpriest of Silver Flame and half-brother to Otitlin Carter. In Ardev – Eilsaadi Songdeath, Female Half-orc Bishop of Silver Flame. In Moonwatch – Wiltiln Runehouse, Male Dwarf Archpriest of Silver Flame. This portion of the mission was a skill challenge where the group got to pose as evil cultists and kill priests and scare innocent people. The group was successful in killing all the priests and properly framing Khyber Cultists for the murders. However, Vailen d’Lyrandar began to worry the group as he became extremely involved in “pretending” to be evil. One of his plans involved releasing an abomination during a sermon in a busy church, and having no regard for the lives of the innocent followers of the Silver Flame attending the sermon. Luckily, Vailen d’Lyrandar was convinced that the plan was a bad idea. Instead, Oenomaus Mensah turned invisible and stabbed the Priest through the back and out his chest during the sermon, causing mass panic.

The murders of the four priests had the desired affect and the Council of Cardinals called for a meeting to discuss the recent audacious attacks from Khyber Cultists and how to respond. The group snuck into Flamekeep and waited for the Council to meet. The meeting chamber has one entrance (guarded) and one secret entrance (not guarded) so the group split up in order to flank the Council as well as prevent any Cardinals from easily escaping. There were four guards plus 10 Cardinals at the meeting; we only had to kill 5 of the Cardinals and steal their souls with Soul Gems provided by Samyr Kes. The group has to make sure to deal non-lethal damage to the other Cardinal members. There was one member of the Council the group believed was on their side. An insight check revealed he was not fighting as well as he could have, in other words, he was pulling his punches. And once all the other good Cardinals were unconscious he assisted the group in killing the last remaining corrupt Cardinal. The group then had to knock him out so as not to appear suspicious.

That is where the session ended. Next session, get to High Cardinal Krozen and kill him. He never attends the Council meetings.

April 14th, 2013 - Something something Cult of Khyber
17th of Dravago, 999YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The group continued it’s search of the cultists underground hideout. Dox, Oenomaus and Vailen came upon a mud room. It had raised platforms connected with wooden planks over the soggy floor. A cultist brute waited at the doorway and two wizards inside. Oenomaus went invisible, to sneak into the room and get behind the brute. Dox stepped out to engage the brute and shot him, while Oenomaus surprised him from behind. Vailen flew in after and engaged the first wizard. These mages would curse you, lowering your defenses and then deal more damage to you. Also if you made your save against that condition, as an immediate reaction, they would make you re-roll your save. The fight wasn’t too difficult, Vailen was prone for more than half the battle after falling from one of the platforms. He just flew around and jumped, all the while lying down. Dox couldn’t rid him self of the defense penalty, due to both wizards making him re-roll his save.

With that room out of the way, Athemathos joined the group after some scouting. We found a secret door in the hallway near the mud room and went through it. It led to a small curtained area, part of a larger sleeping area, where one brute was rummaging through a chest, muttering to himself. The plan was for Oenomaus to go invisible and get behind him. Dox would then place his traps down in front of the other door leading out of the room. Sadly Dox failed his stealth check from behind the curtain and battle commenced. Oenomaus struck first and two more enemies quickly ran into the room. A mage stood out in the hallway. Another relatively easy fight and was over fairly fast.

We moved on from the sleeping quarters and came upon a torture room/jail. A brute waited inside, with a mage, two sneaky shifty guys and another brute torturer. The shifty guys could shift two squares, so the were constantly flanking and dealing more damage. Another good fight, not difficult. The highlight was when Oenomaus teleported the torturer into a cage in the corner of the room. He was then forced to drop his weapon and use ranged attacks.

Next we came across a very labyrinthine room, with many hallways and hidden fire traps in the intersections. More annoying curse mages this time, but also in this room were three tieflings who would set you on fire with a ranged area burst and then if you tried to move closer to them, you would take psychic damage. This battle took a lot out of us, the ongoing damage constantly ate away our health. The hallways gave the enemies lots of cover and made reaching them difficult. They basically had us pinned down in one hallway for the majority of the battle. We eventually killed them all looted them. We have now explored all of this compound except for one last area. In Zelda terms, we now have the boss key and are ready to enter the boss’ recluse.


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