Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

Nov 11 2012
1st day of Barrakas, 998YK

In Attendance: Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher.

Via our horse mounts we traveled from Starilaskur to New Cyre and then to Sterngate. At Sterngate we purchased a Flag of Safe Passage for 100gp which is supposed to grant us safe passage through Darguun. From Sterngate we headed to the Gathering Stone but while traversing the Marguul Pass of the Seawall Mountains we were attacked by a band of 6 goblins desperate for money and looking for slaves to sell. These goblins ignored the Flag of Safe Passage since they were not part of the ruling clan of Ghaal’dar but they were no match for us. Most dying after two hits from Watcher. Two of the tougher goblins, carrying battleaxes, hit Vailen d’Lyrandar a few times making him bloodied but Dox was there to heal him. We found a whopping 10gp on the goblin leader.

On the road, traveling to the Gathering Stone we caught up to a large goblin caravan carrying the flag of the Ghaal’dar clan. They respected our Flag of Safe Passage and let us pass without incident. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke to their Hobgoblin leader offering our protection while traveling in the same direction. The hobgoblin laughed and said, “If you were goblins I wouldn’t trust you, but seeing as you’re foreigners in this land I actually think your word holds truth.” (as it will turn out, he shouldn’t have trusted Vailen) If was after Vailen d’Lyrandar made the arrangement that we realized these goblins were transporting 20 human & halfling slaves of men, women and children to the Darguun capital Rhukaan Draal. Suddenly we had a moral dilemma. Do we free the slaves or not? Oenomaus Mensah and Athemathos being of the Silver Flame immediately wanted to free the slaves. Watcher, being considered “property” during the Last War knew what it was like to be a “slave” and wanted to free them too. Vailen d’Lyrandar, while being opposed to slavery, saw this scenario in more than black & white. Vailen spoke to the hobgoblin leader about the slaves, the hobgoblin stated that this is the Darguun way of life. You don’t see goblins going into Breland protesting that they don’t use slaves. Vailen brought up the point to the rest of the group, once the slaves are free, where to they go? They’re in the middle of Darguun with no way to defend themselves. Plus, in attacking the Ghaal’dar clan we risk angering the most powerful clan of Darguun. Dox agreed with Vailen and thought it would be best not to free the slaves. Oenomaus Mensah argued that while the slaves might be free and alone in Darguun at least they have a fighting chance. While all this debating was going on, Watcher seriously considered just attacking the goblins and ending the dispute. The DM thinks the only thing that held him back was the thought of his group not aiding him in the battle. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke quietly to some of the slaves, asking them if they’d rather be free and have a fighting chance in the middle of Darguun or remain safe as slaves. The slaves wanted freedom. Vailen d’Lyrandar asked all of us to wait on our decision until we reached the Gathering Stone (a fortress run by House Deneith).

Arriving at the Gathering Stone we found 10 other goblin clans camped outside the fortress, waiting their turns to prove their worth to House Deneith. We realized attacking the Ghaal’dar clan here would be a bad idea. This was also the final deciding point because from here the caravan would go south while we would continue east. Vailen d’Lyrandar spoke to Durmindin, who had been unusually quiet the whole trip, for his opinion. Durmindin reminded Vailen that when he first arrived in Breland he was locked up and experimented on by the army, he didn’t want these slaves to suffer a similar fate. That was the turning point, it was now 4 of the group for freeing the slaves and 2 of the group against. We decided to let the caravan continue south, we would head east and then cut through the wilds and set an ambush ahead of them.

Hiding in some bushes we waited for the 5 wagon caravan to arrive. Vailen d’Lyrandar and Dox seemed uneasy, this was a large group they were about to face. The caravan had 10 in it’s group. 1 hobgoblin leader on horseback, 4 goblins on horse back, 1 goblin wizard, 1 gnoll wizard, 2 big bugbears and 1 goblin driving a wagon. We jumped out of the bushes and surprised the goblins getting in our first attacks. We bloodied one of the bugbears and killed a goblin on horseback immediately. Watcher almost laughed, confident this would be an easy fight; but then the goblin group retaliated. The hobgoblin leader was angry at Vailen for bearing the Flag of Safe Passage and offering their help and then betraying the goblins like this. He focused his attacks on Vailen. The bugbears were brutes who rarely missed their attacks causing lots of damage. At one point Vailen was trapped on a wagon and pinned between the hobgoblin and a bugbear, luckily Watcher came to his rescue. Oenomaus Mensah focused his attacks on the goblin wizard but every time he hit the wizard he would be slowed. The goblin minions focused their attacks on Dox and rarely missed, slowly wearing him down 4 hp at a time. The gnoll wizard missed most of his attacks and wasn’t much of a threat. At one point he cursed Vailen and made his skin peel off with 5 ongoing damage. We slowly killed the group one at a time until there was only the gnoll and 3 goblin minions left. At this point the all tried to flee, in different directions. The gnoll took 2 opportunity attacks from Oenomaus Mensah and Vailen d’Lyrandar and died. A goblin minion on foot, whose speed was 6, was easily chased down by Watcher whose speed was 10 while charging, due to his Rage. The other two minions were on horseback. Dox shot one in the back with a critical hit and it died. The other goblin was getting further away and Dox was suffering penalties to his crossbow attack from the distance. His first shot missed, just grazing the goblins ear, with a roll of 17 against his AC of 18. The goblin moved even further away, Dox was now suffering a -4 to his attacks from the distance. Dox aimed carefully, fired and…nailed the goblin with a roll of 24 including the -4! No goblin witnesses remained.

We freed the slaves and gave them the goblin’s armor, weapons and horses. We found 290gp on the hobgoblin leader. We gave the slaves 300gp that will hopefully help them and sent them onto the House Deneith fortress. We traveled back through the wilds back to the road headed east and continued to our destination of the Lyrenton ruins.

Oenomaus Mensah left the session. Dox, Vailen d’Lyrandar, and Watcher remained.

We finally arrived at Lyrenton, the whole trip from Starilaskur to here took 10 days. Lyrenton is on the boarder next to the Mournland. We could see the wall of gray mist looming in the air. Vailen d’Lyrandar and Durmindin had eery feelings being so close to the Mournland, afraid of what may be lurking. As soon as we arrived at the ruins we were attacked by a living spell; a Living Flaming Sphere to be exact which was granted sentience by the Mournland. This sphere was all over the place. Slamming Vailen and then rolling into Watcher. Each time we hit it a flame burst would burn us. It also had an aura that would burn us. Dox reduced the damage from the aura by constantly doing cold damage to the sphere. This sphere was rolling all over the place and we wish we had Durmindin with his Vortex to lock it down. At one point it hit Vailen twice and dropped him below 0 hp. Dox was there to save him but the whole group quickly ran out of healing using second winds and warforged resolve. It ultimately came down to hit for hit, who would drop first, us or the sphere. Thankfully, the flames of the sphere burned out and we found a red hot amulet on the ground. Vailen d’Lyrandar poured water on it to cool it and identified it as an Amulet of Resolution +2. (I think they thought Durmindin should get this)

In Lyrenton, we set up a camp inside one of the few buildings still standing. We began searching the ruins, not exactly sure what we were looking for but expecting to be lead underground. We estimated it would take 3 days to search the whole ruined town, which use to be home for 2,000 people 29 years ago. Each night while we slept in our camp, Watcher would hear things outside the building, going ‘bump’ in the night. On our 4th day of searching the ruins, (our 3rd day was a really bad search) Dox came across a hole in the ground which actually looks like an old chimney. We tied a sunrod to some rope and lowered it; the chimney was 50 feet deep and led to a room below. Just as we did this we heard the moans and groans of undead things approaching. We looked around us to see some ghostly soldiers and wights (which are kind of like zombies) headed our way.

And that is where the session ended…join us next time.

Oct 28th 2012
19th day of Lharvion, 998YK

In attendance: Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

The party had just finished off the large-handed warforged who beat some of us senseless during the interogations and decided to to venture forth from where the enemies came from. We came upon a door leading to a small 3 X 5 or 6 room with two exits, the party chose the exit opposite from where we came in to go through. It led to a small office with a desk, chair and bookcases. Oenomaus searched the office thoroughly and stumbled upon a secret staircase behind one of the bookcases. Vailen cracked a sunrod and the party descended into the darkness, closing the door behind them. After some weaving through the tunnels, we came upon a formation of stones in the shape of an arrow. We choose to head in the direction the arrow pointed, Vailen kicked the formation of stones, just for safe measures in case we were being pursued.

The tunnel we were traversing eventually faded from being finely crafted stone walls to more cavernous, rough stone. The party emerged from the tunnel in a medium sized cavern, with small pools of water and glowing mushrooms. Two exits could be seen, one directly in front of them and one to the right. The exit across from the party also had another formation of stones in the shape of an arrow. Also in the room with them was a curious creature called a Scathebeast Bull. It looked like a cross between a giraffe and camel and it’s body was covered it an acidic slime. The creature took a defensive stance and the party attacked. Nothing spectacular, it was dead in one rounds time, Watcher charged and speared it to death. Just as that happened though, two large Hellghost Dark Drakes charged us from the other exit. They bowled over Watcher and Vailen, knocking them prone and giving Vailen ongoing fire damage. Oenomaus Mensah also received ongoing fire damage which he kept failing his saving throw for. This fight was more interesting. The drakes emit a purple fiery aura, which made you more vulnerable to fire damage. Again nothing too challenging. The drakes would bite at us, knocked us prone when they charged through us and they had a ghostfire burst attack when they became bloodied.

Watcher, Vailen, Oenomaus and Dox followed the arrow once again and after what seemed a long time, emerged well outside of Sharn. Six horses were tied to a tree nearby and Oenomaus remembered what Tryn had said: to meet her at the Brokenblade Castle in Wroat. So we saddled up and swiftly ventured to Wroat.

Upon getting there we went to Brokenblade Castle. We met the General, Ex-Major Kevril Urthadar and Tryn and thanked them greatly for helping us escape. The General, who we haven’t seen in two years since the War ended, said he was glad we were all safe and reminded us that if we ever need help, we have friends in high places. Then the General winked (or blinked, it’s hard to tell because he wears an eye patch) and he left. Ex-Major Kevril Urthadar explained that it was House Cannith that was behind our capture and interrogation, somewhat. It was all arranged by Dorian d’Cannith who is using his own wealth to fund the hunt for Dox. House Cannith is not supporting Dorian’s actions but they’re not stopping him either as they seem to be turning a blind eye to his personal vendetta against Dox. The Major explained that it should be okay for the group to enter House Cannith buildings and do business with House Cannith but they must watch their backs for Dorian d’Cannith, who will certainly be looking for them. (Vailen and Dox (as Illyanna) then told Tryn about Dox’ true identity and his past and asked her to look into the murder of Davoren d’Cannith around 16 years ago in Sharn for anything she could find) The Ex-Major asked for our help because he was being pestered by an old crone in his local tavern, the Jovial Sceptre Meadhall in Starilaskur. The old lady has been bothering him for weeks, calling him “The Advocate” and asking him to bring forth “The Dragon that rides the Griffon’s back”. Major Kevril thought she was crazy but then he learned that Vailen d’Lyrandar, a dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar, was a commander on the airship the Swift Griffon. And he started to think that maybe this old lady was looking for Vailen.

So we went to see the old woman in Starilaskur inside the Jovial Scepter Meadhall and she spoke of the Draconic Prophecy. As she spoke a storm had started to approach. Her name is Ruth Betrid, she is a old (80 years) human female who has been studying the Draconic Prophecy since she was a child. Her father used to study it and then it became her passion. The table she was sitting at was covered in papers with verses of the Prophecy written down and a map of Khorvaire. One particular verse caught Vailen d’Lyrandar’s eye:
“Winds blow from storm to flame on an element in the sky. A tempest lets loose its wrath and fury upon the hands it carries. The elemental leader falls to the tempests ferocity. His progeny enveloped by the storm is forever marked. With wind at his feet and thunder at his reach he drives the tempest away.”
While reading this prophecy verse Vailen thinks back to the day his father died around 16 years ago. They were flying from Stormhome to Flamekeep on their airship. Suddenly a Tempest Dragon attacked the ship, Vailen’s father was killed in the attack. Vailen’s mark of storm manifested then. The dragon seemed vulnerable to Vailen’s thunder attacks and it flew off. Vailen also remembers that in the chaos after the attack a large egg, the size of a human baby, was found on the ship by a Cardinal of the Silver Flame. Vailen recalls the Cardinal took the egg with him to Flamekeep. (btw, this somewhat alludes to the origins of Athemathos)

Ruth shows us the verse of the prophecy which refers to the Dragon on the Griffon’s back:
“The Advocate draws forth the Dragon that rides the Griffon’s back. Whilst the other dragon rides the wind of the storm. Amidst thunder and lightning two dragons clash atop the Scepter. Lightning shall blaze the victorious.”

We studied the verse for a while trying to figure out what it could mean when a loud ‘thump’ sound could be heard as something very heavy landed on the roof of the tavern followed by a roar! (which sounded a lot like a T-Rex from the movie Jurassic Park) As the dust settles from the rafters Dox, Vailen, Watcher and Oenomaus headed outside to investigate. Durmindin and Ahemathos stayed inside to calm the other patrons. When they got outside they saw that a large blue dragon had landed on the roof. The dragon roared ferociously and the party headed up to combat it.

The dragon went first. It approached the edge of the roof and unleashed a blast of electrical discharge from its maw. The blast bloodied Dox and Oenomaus. Vailen managed to dodge, but got hit with a little of the breath weapon, resisting some of that damage. Vailen flew up to face the dragon head on and Oenomaus ran and leaped onto some pillars outside and flung his body onto the roof. Watcher scaled the outside of the building and then charged the dragon. With all the rain, the roof had become quite slippery. (If anyone moved more than half their speed, they would slip and maybe fall off the roof) Dox was content to shoot at the dragon with his crossbow from the ground. This worked well until the hobgoblins showed up. Two climbed the roof to engage the melee fighters while two stabbed Dox in the back, nearly killing him. Durmindin, Shadow and Ahemathos dealt with more hobgoblins around the tavern. Vailen and the dragon had quite the feud, with stabs of his rapier followed by claws from the dragon. Plus the prophetic storm seemed to empower Vailen d’Lyrandar’s attacks even more, doing more damage. Durmindin’s lighting also seemed stronger. Vailen d’Lyrandar asked the dragon why is was here attacking them, to which the Dragon responded with the verse of the prophecy, “Lightning shall blaze the victorious.” Once per round, after being hit by a melee attack, the dragon would flap his wings, knocking anyone around him prone and allowing him to be repositioned. Watcher managed another charge and that attack bloodied the dragon, which was both a blessing and a curse. After becoming bloodied the dragons breath weapon recharged and he unleashed the blast on Vailen, Oenomaus and one of the hobgoblins near Oenomaus. The blast killed the minion and dropped Vailen. Dox drew a flask of Alchemists fire from his pouch and hurled it at his attackers, killing them, he then healed Vailen. The remaining hobgoblin charged Watcher and managed to spear him. In his excitement though, the hobgoblin slipped and slid off the edge of the roof. The fall killed him. (EPIC FAIL!) The party then whittled down the dragon until finally (and fittingly) Vailen landed the killing blow on the Dragon.

After the fight, a bolt of lightning struck at Vailen‘s feet and left a dragon shard. He picked it up and a vision of a prophecy mark flashed through his head. He found that if he concentrated he could focus on the mark. He told Ruth about it and they studied the crystal together. Using her own dragonshard (which she uses to store prophecy verses) she then imprinted the symbol on a piece of parchment. This new prophecy mark revealed this verse to Vailen d’Lyrandar and Ruth after a few days of studying it:__
“Bear the mark on Eberron. It shall encompass the towers and grasp the broken blade. It shall present a dragon’s roost and wield the victors scepter. The way shall lead to ruin but the seed is sealed. Life is given as the dragon on the griffon’s back and nature’s ardor bring storm underground.”
We had been studying the verse for a while unsure of what it meant. Ruth became frustrated and slammed the imprint of the prophecy mark down which landed on the map of Khorvaire. Vailen d’Lyrandar picked up the mark again to look at it but Dox and Watcher almost simultaneously told Vailen d’Lyrandar to put the mark back on the map. They began to think that the line, “Bear the Mark on Eberron” might mean to use the mark as some sort of compass to point to something. They lined up the Mark with Sharn (the towers), Wroat (broken blade castle), Dragonroost (a city in Zilargo), and Starilaskur (the victor’s [jovial] scepter) and found that the Mark pointed to the ruins of Lyrenton in Darguun. Darguun is a nation ruled by goblins, and not a friendly place.

The part of the verse “The way shall lead to ruin but the seed is sealed. Life is given as the dragon on the griffon’s back and nature’s ardor bring storm underground.” is still unclear to us. But we’re thinking that “nature’s ardor” could refer to Durmindin and “bring the storm underground.” means we’re going to meet the X-Men.

Next session, we’re headed to Darguun, goblin country!!

Oct 14th 2012
19th day of Lharvion, 998YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

They got their gear from the room full of traps. Dox nearly died many times, everyone’s priority became keeping Dox alive while also disabling traps.

After they got their gear they wandered looking for the exit as this area is smudged on the map given to them by Tryn Shortcloak. After reaching a dead-end, doubling back and trying a different route they encountered the Warforged who was responsible for beating them during their interrogation. They fought him, they beat him, and Athemathos intimidated one of the guards into submitting.

We left off with the party still looking for the exit and very few healing surges left…

Sept 23 2012
15th day of Lharvion, 998YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

During the trial of Zanben and Arianna for the murder of Hadvar the group stayed at the Running Squire Inn in Passage, Aundair; all expenses paid by Darrak Mineshadow. The trial was concluded and Zanben was sentenced to life in Dreadhold for the murder of Hadvar. Arianna was sentenced to 60 days in jail followed by 6 months of hard community service for being an accomplice to murder.

The night the trial was concluded while the party was sleeping in their rooms, they awoke to find strangers in their room with a chemical soaked cloth over their mouths, causing them to lose consciousness. Watcher, who does not sleep, put up a bigger struggle trying to fight off his assailants but he was overcome.

When the group awoke they found their gear missing and they were locked in jail cells. They were each interrogated one by one being asked questions regarding Ivellios O’Connel, like who did he work for, what’s his real name, and if they knew he was wanted for murder. Strangely, Illyanna Lyrandar was not interrogated…

After everyone took some punishment, especially Oenomaus Mensah, and except for Athemathos who escaped his interrogation unscathed, the group learned they were being held captive by House Cannith. This was revealed when a Human with the Mark of Making on his arm came to speak to them in their jail. The human explained that the group was being tortured and questioned because of the actions of Ivellios O’Connel or Illyanna Lyrandar or whomever he claims to be right now. He suggested the group use this respite to question their so-called friend, Illyanna Lyrandar.

After the human left Illyanna Lyrandar revealed herself to be a changling and his real name is Dox. Dox was also the one they knew as Ivellios O’Connel. When he was left in Kalazart after the group killed Colonel Nelacar and took his body, Dox changed into Nelacar and impersonated him to escape the soldiers. He then posed as one of the prisoners rescued from the Tryn Shortcloak jailbreak and escaped with them via House Lyrandar as previously arranged by Vailen d’Lyrandar. Luckily in doing so, Dox also escaped the Day of Mourning and certain death.

Once he had the chance, Dox contacted his old friend Vailen d’Lyrandar, who knew Dox was a changling for many years now. Vailen d’Lyrandar, arranged a new identity for Dox to pose as his own sister Illyanna Lyrandar who had recently gone missing on the Day of Mourning. And Dox had been pretending to be her ever since.

The next day, Dox was interrogated by the human, who will later be revealed as Dorian d’Cannith. During this interrogation Dox learned that Dorian thinks he murdered Dorian’s son, Davoren d’Cannith, some 16 years ago in Sharn. Dorian also thinks House Lyrandar had some role to play in this murder. Unknown to Dorian is that Dox actually didn’t murder Davoren but found him already dead, he assumed his appearance and then through a series of unplanned events ended up taking his place within House Cannith while training at the Twelve. Dox attempted to explain that he did not murder Davoren but Dorian would not believe him and had Dox beaten until he was unconscious and dying. Returned to the jail cell in that state Durmindin used his healing skills to revive Dox.

No one came to speak with the group after that. They were left in the jail cell for days with no water. Only bread was delivered by an old female dwarf in the evenings. After three days without water they began to suffer from dehydration, rolling endurance checks or suffer losing a healing surge. Watcher, who doesn’t eat or drink, was fine.

On the evening of the fourth day the old female dwarf delivered her bread to the party as normal, but this time she whispered to them. “Today’s my last day, I’m leaving; and if I were you, I’d leave too. See you at Brokenblade Castle (in Wroat). Enjoy your bread.” And with a wink to the group, she left. Insight checks revealed her to be Tryn Shortcloak in disguise. Inside the bread, the group discovered a key to their jail cell and a poorly hand drawn map to their gear and an exit. Wasting no time the group opened the cell door and charged the two Warforged standing guard. 3 crossbow archers and 1 wizard also joined the fight to prevent the group from escaping. The group was at a disadvantage without their weapons or armor, fighting with their fists. After the first Warforged guard dropped Athemathos picked up his longsword to use in the fight. Athemathos and Vailen d’Lyrandar would pass the longsword back and forth throughout the rest of the combat. Once all the guards, crossbow archers and wizard were defeated the group equipped themselves with the guards gear. Putting on leather and hide armor and using longswords, shortswords, crossbows and staffs.

Following the map Tryn gave them the group moved through the corridors making their way to their gear. They found more Warforged guards stationed at the entrance to their equipment and a fight ensued. The Warforged were joined by some sneaky humans who could turn invisible and then blind their opponents and deal massive damage. Eventually the group defeated all the guards. Athemathos even made one Warforged surrender by intimidating him into submission.

The group moved down the hall to a dimly glowing locked door. Dox and Vailen examined it to discover it has been warded with an Arcane Lock Ritual. They can physically break the door down or disarm the spell but whomever casted the spell will immediately know the door has been broken. Athemathos questioned the captured Warforged before knocking him unconscious. He asked who cast the spell on the door, the Warforged answered, Dorian d’Cannith. He also asked where they were, the Warforged answered, House Cannith enclave in Sharn. Vailen asked Watcher to break the door down. Watcher charged at it and smashed against it, the spell around the door wavered but still held. (He actually rolled a 22 STR check vs a 23 DC, very close!) Dox, using his thievery skills, was able to disarm the spell. Eager to get his gear back, Vailen d’Lyrandar kicked the door open…only to be greeted with white-hot fire shooting into his and Dox faces. It turns out the door was trapped. This is where the session ended…find out what happens next time in Eberron…

Aug 5 2012
24th day of Nymm, 998YK

In attendance: Dox, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The remaining members of the Major’s elite squad (Ivellios having been MIA for 4 years now) had scattered across Eberron since the end of the war. However, one day each of them received a message requesting that they all attend a meeting with Darrak Mineshadow, a member of The Aurum, on the 24th day of Nymm in the city of Passage to discuss a potential new venture. They each decided they would indeed at least attend the meeting to find out more, but they each had to figure out how they would get from their current locations to Passage within the required week. Vailen’s older sister Illyanna (an artificer, conveniently) also decided to come along.

Oenomaus was in Flamekeep, having returned to running missions for the Church of the Silver Flame, and paid the 50gp necessary to travel to Passage by teleportation circle.

Durmindin was in Shae Loralyndar in the Eldeen Reaches, greatly disturbed by the events of the Day of Mourning but comforted by getting to see other Wilden again and being reminded of home by the fey city. The druids he was visiting helped speed him along to the meeting by getting him to Greenheart (the capital of the Eldeen Reaches) in less than a day through the use of druidic magic, allowing him to quickly travel through the vines and roots of the forest. From there, Durmindin also paid for travel via teleportation circle.

(Hey, Paul, was Watcher able to go through the tree roots, too? That must have been interesting. Does Mark then also have to pay for teleportation circle services? Would Conrad’s character have incurred travel expenses as well?) Paul – “I’m not sure what Watcher did during the last 2 years but yes, Watcher and Athemathos would both have to pay for travel.”

Vailen and Illyanna both serving aboard the airship, Swift Griffon, disembarked at Flamekeep and then paid for a teleportation portal to Passage.

Oenomaus asked around in the time between his arrival and the meeting and found out the person we were to meet was indeed a local member of The Aurum, a dwarf, and often conducted meetings at this inn because of the relaxed setting. We knew from common knowledge that The Aurum collect artifacts, running museums and such and paying adventurers to collect items for them.

When we met Darrak, he struck us as being genuine and full of life. He got us whatever food and drink we desired before turning to business. (His two bodyguards, an orc and a minotaur, also came along, but seated themselves a good distance from our table; he assured us they were in no way there to intimidate us—not that he expected adventurers as renowned as we were would find them intimidating.) He explained that he wanted us to investigate why an adventurer he’d hired—Hadvar Arrowway—had not yet returned to him. He had been hired to retrieve a certain map (which may lead to a treasure, but Darrak claims The Aurum just wants to display it). Hadvar had sent Darrak a message on the 10th from a message station in Sharn saying he had the map, but Hadvar had not arrived nor sent any more word since then. Darrak wanted us to retrieve the map and find out what had happened to Hadvar. As to how he knew about us and our whereabouts, he told us he has a bit of an obsession with anything to do with the war, had heard many soldiers talk about our exploits, and had followed up on what we each had been up to even before the situation with Hadvar had arisen. Basically he was claiming to be our biggest fan, even if in a stalkery kind of way. When we asked for more details about the map, to try to think of some more leads on where to look for it and Hadvar, Darrak told us it was a map of Xen’drik; some of the party thought that might explain why Hadvar’s last contact had been from Sharn.

Description of Hadvar:
White human male
33 years old
Tattoo on neck
Blond & red hair
Favors bow & longsword
Last contact was on the 10th of Nymm from Sharn (message station in the bazaar)

We got 1200 gp from Darrak for expenses. We used some of this towards using a teleportation circle to get to Sharn.

In Sharn, a Gnome at a House Sivis messaging station did remember Hadvar. He’d had to be escorted (by gnome Wilnan Trickfoot) to his room at The Winking Lance to complete payment. He’d had the gold to make the whole payment & tipped Wilnan as well. Wilnan said he seemed to be in a good mood.

We next checked out The Winking Lance. Therkain Arborshate, the innkeeper, claimed Hadvar was still there; although he hadn’t actually seen him in a while, he told us Hadvar had prepaid for 3 months of lodging and food and had asked that 3 meals a day be placed in the hallway outside his door. Caruvial Beestinger (a halfling who works in the kitchen) always found when she went up to collect the tray that the food had indeed been eaten. We got Therkain to take us up to the room, and noticed a bad smell & that potpourri used to mask it. Durmindin sensed a corpse in Hadvar’s room. We got the room opened up, & were hit with the stink of death & saw a very dead, naked body on the bed. Durmindin’s “autopsy” revealed it did seem to be Hadvar with a slit throat, and that it seemed to have been dead about 15 days (i.e., he died on the 10th). A dagger with a distinctive decorated handle was found under the mattress.

A detect magic spell from Illyanna & Vailen registered a faint signal, which we eventually found came from a tiny vial that used to contain the poison Walking Death—but not a fatal dose! The window showed no signs of being used for entry/exit, but the lock on the door had been picked. (Did the Dwarf do this? Couldn’t Arianna just have let him in, after incapacitating Hadvar?) Paul – “Who picked the lock was never actually determined, but it’s assumed it was the Dwarf since Arianna entered with Hadvar.”

Searching around the table also revealed the presence of a dust that gets left behind when a person uses a ritual scroll, but which ritual is unknown.

We also found that the bottom of the room’s chair had a torn corner of very old paper wedged in it, as if perhaps the map had been hidden there but ripped away. In the wardrobe was a backpack containing a standard adventurer’s kit, minus all the sun rods and trail rations, looking as if it had been rummaged through. None of Hadvar’s clothing, armor or weapons were in the room.

We questioned Therkain and Caruvial thoroughly, and discovered the following:
- Hadvar came in very tired but happy on the 9th and paid for that night
- he was happy still on the 10th and paid only for that night, and was escorted about midday back there by a gnome who left shortly thereafter
- late on the 10th (almost midnight), he came in drunk, with a girl with a sexy shoulder. He mentioned that he had been celebrating at a tavern, The Drunken Sage. They each got a drink and took it upstairs. No one saw the girl leave. Hadvar mentioned to Therkain in passing in this drunken state that he would be checking out the next day.
- Caruvial saw that after those two came in, a dwarf with a pink feather came in, ordered a drink, finished it, ordered another drink, and then disappeared (leaving his payment on the table) while she was in the back for a while.
- Therkain was the last to see Hadvar (supposedly); on the morning of the 11th was when he prepaid for the 3 months’ worth of food & lodging and asked that the food be left in the hall. Therkain had noticed that Hadvar didn’t seem hung over but thought maybe he just held his liquor/recovered really well.

At this point Vailen sent a message detailing our progress to Darrak, to see if he mentioned knowing the Dwarf, but the reply basically just told us to try to find the map and, if possible, extradite Hadvar’s killer to Passage.

We decided our next question was who had been eating the meals. We asked Caruvial to act normally in the kitchen and to prepare Hadvar’s supper tray as usual. We put Hadvar’s room back the way we’d found it, and Oenomaus hid, sword drawn, in the wardrobe. Watcher and Athemathos hid in rooms down the hall, ready to spring out at a shout from Vailen if needed to block any escape down the hallway. The rest of us hid in a room across the hall, watching under the door to see what would happen to Hadvar’s supper.

After the supper tray was placed, Oenomaus didn’t observe anything strange happening in Hadvar’s room, but the rest of us spied someone eating the food in the hallway. We sprang out—much to the shock of the 12-year-old orphan boy who’d been stuffing his face.

Not sure if we asked the boy his name :(. Paul – “Come to think of it, no one asked him his name, but for the record, it’s Norkas.” He had been eating the free food for about 2 weeks. He’d been told about it before breakfast on the 11th by a dwarf with a pink feather who’d found him digging for scraps in a rubbish bin in the tavern district, near The Drunken Sage. He’d been told if he got caught, the free food would end. We pointed out to Therkain that the food was already paid for, and that since he was going to be able to make double money on the room (renting it out again even though it had been prepaid) he should be able to spare the remaining paid-for meals for the boy; while Therkain felt we were teaching the boy it was ok to steal, he bowed under our threats and reluctantly agreed.

We had the boy show us where the Dwarf had found him. Oenomaus asked around about a dwarf with a pink feather, and discovered that he was known for running some sort of business to do with women out of The Drunken Sage. (Best line of the session: “Oh, he IS a pimp!!!” …because we’d all guessed that based solely on his feather and the presence in the story of a “sexy shoulder girl”.)

Vailen entered The Drunken Sage and noted that the girl with the sexy shoulder was there. Vailen bought drinks for this girl, Arianna, and played out the charade of wanting to hire her for a threesome with his friend. (She was willing so long as he was going to pay.) He gave her the money for her fee, which she put in a glass and dropped off at the bar before leaving with him. Oenomaus followed them. As they got closer to The Winking Lance, Arianna became upset and said she wanted to go somewhere else. Vailen insisted that was where his room was, promised to be gentle, and finally promised to double her fee; after giving her half of the increase up front she reluctantly continued with Vailen. As Vailen and Arianna passed the bar, Therkain piped up, “Yeah, that’s her! Did you catch the guy?” This confused and distressed Arianna so much that Vailen had to grapple her and carry her up the stairs. He took her to Hadvar’s room—Oenomaus following closely behind—where she broke down into tears. (More on this below!)

Not long after Vailen had entered The Drunken Sage, Illyanna also entered, but went straight to the bartender, a half-orc named Xangold Farrunner and did not let on that she knew Vailen. (Durmindin kept an eye out for the pink-feathered dwarf outside.) She mentioned Hadvar’s disappearance and asked about him. The bartender reported that Hadvar had been an arrogant, boastful jerk (more so the drunker he got), hitting on the girls much more rudely than anyone ever had, had got into fight with his (the bartender’s) buddy, a Dwarf named Zanben Sapphiredge, and had then grabbed Arianna and left without paying for her. The bartender’s buddy was a dwarf who liked to fancy it up…in fact, the bartender confirmed that he wore a pink feather. Zanben was not there at the moment, but the bartender expected he would be in at a certain time that evening.

Meanwhile, Vailen and Oenomaus continued to question Arianna closely, reassuring her as well. She revealed that Zanben had given her the vial of Walking Death, telling her to give it to Hadvar. She hadn’t known exactly what it was but had assumed it was some sort of poison. She managed to slip it into the drink Hadvar got at The Winking Lance, but because it takes some time to work Hadvar was still able to force her to sleep with him (it’s still rape if she’s a prostitute, right?). Once the poison kicked in, though, Zanben came in, told Arianna to get her stuff and get out, and told her that if she ever mentioned this to anyone, including him, he would kill her. (She only revealed this to Vailen and Oenomaus with much reassurance from them—she was terrified.) The next day, Zanben had asked her if she’d given the poison to this man; when she replied that she didn’t know what he was talking about, he winked at her and said, “Good girl.”

Aaaand that’s when Joy went home, leaving Watcher, Durmindin and Athemathos to stand guard over Arianna while the rest of the party went back to The Drunken Sage to confront a certain very fancy dwarf. Someone else needs to edit this to complete the story now, please :).

While editing this something else popped into my head to record, but I don’t think I did record whatever it was before I forgot it again :P…so if there is something you think is missing above, feel free to add it!!! Paul – “I didn’t notice anything missing.”

Outside, Durmindin spots a rather flamboyant dwarf walk into the tavern and casually, yet discreetly, follows him inside. Durmindin makes eye contact with Illyanna, then seats himself near the back of the bar. Zanben walks over to the bartender and greets him. Xangold then tells him that Illyanna is here to see him and has some questions for him. The dwarf eyes her up and down, smiles, and agrees to talk to her, but only in his private room. So the two walk through the bar and into the back rooms. As Illyanna passes Durmindin she gives a casual nod to him and he notes the room they walk into. Oenomaus and Vailen are finishing their investigation with Arianna and decide that the watch should take her into custody, for her protection. So they contact the watch, which arrives and takes Arianna into custody. They also tell of a dwarf who is suspected for murder and that further assistance will be required. They then head back to the Drunken Sage.

Meanwhile Zanben tries to proposition Illyanna, asking her why she wants to work for him. She assures him thats not the reason why she wanted to talk to him and instead she asks about the missing Hadvar and what he knows. The dwarf does not look happy at the mention of Hadvar’s name. He retells the events of what transpired between them. He tells Illyanna that Hadvar came in boasting about a recent success of his, already reeking of ale. He grabbed Arianna and insisted that she sleep with him. Zanben walked over to Hadvar and told him that he must pay for the services and Hadvar disagreed. Zanben the proceeded to beat up Hadvar. The dwarf assured Illyanna that HE beat up Hadvar. Illyanna’s insight revealed that the dwarf was lying.

At this point the team of Vailen and Oenomaus walked into the Drunken Sage. Durmindin nods to a private room and the two walk into it. The dwarf stands up and yells at them, saying how they dare to disturb him while he is talking business. Illyanna reveals that they are her associates and he spits in their faces. Vailen walks over to the dwarf and unrolls the white sheet concealing the dagger and shows it too the dwarf. He immediately accepts ownership of the dagger, much to the surprise of his interrogators. He tells them that Arianna had stolen his dagger after finally admitting that Hadvar had beaten him up. Despite all the evidence pointing to Zanben as the murderer Vailen can’t get him to admit it. The group then headed to Zanben’s place to search it. There they find ritual scrolls of Change Self, vials of Walking Death, Hadvar’s ID papers and the map lodged under a chair. Vailen decides to take him to House Medani and essentially puts him under a lie detector using the house’s ritual, Detect Lies. We asked all the questions again, like did Zanben murder Hadvar, did he steal the map, etc. To which every question Zanben responded with a “no”. The Medani Trueseer said he was lying everytime. Except when Zanben promised to kill the Trueseer if he ever met him on the streets, that wasn’t a lie.

So the Sharn Watch arrested Zanben for murder and Arianna for an accomplice to murder and we took him through a teleportation portal back to Passage. We take him back to Darrak who is extremely pleased that we were able to capture Hadvar’s murderer and bring him to justice, as well as finding the map intact. He rewards us with a large chest filled with 7395 gold pieces. He insists that during the trial of Zanben and Arianna, where we must attend to give evidence, we are welcome to stay at the Running Squire Inn and Darrak will pay for all our rooms, food and drink. And that is where we left off.

July 15 2012
9th day of Lharvion, 994YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Watcher.

Right before going upstairs in the prison, Vailen arrived with Watcher and a new party member, Athemathos, the Dragonborn Paladin of the Silver Flame. The Church of the Silver Flame decided to send the Paladin to help ensure the success of the mission. Vailen and Durmindin stayed downstairs to guard the sewer entrance while Athemathos, Ivellios, Watcher and Oenomaus went upstairs.

Proceeding upstairs in the prison, the four found the jail cells holding all the prisoners, around 15 prisoners. They were being guarded by 2 Warforged. Oenomaus Mensah did a surprise round attacking one of the Warforged with a ranged attack, then he ran into the room, attacked the Warforged with a melee and pulled him adjacent to the entry door, accidentally blocking the path for the rest of the party. Another Warforged entered the battle, plus two elven archers and a Gnome Arcanist, the prisons warden. The Warforged blocked the path while the archers and arcanist attacked from the rear. Eventually the party beat them. After that, the prison was empty of guards. Watcher and Athemathos discovered the item storage room for the prisoners. Watcher began to smash a chest open until Athemathos came with the keys he took off the dead Gnome and opened all the locks. They found a nice magic weapon and some magic boots for Oenomaus. Ivellios found Tryn Shortcloak locked in one of the cells and convinced her they were there to rescue her, sent by the Lord General Leonan ir’Ellamin.

Tryn escaped with the party back into the sewers along with 5 other POW’s. Vailen arranged for House Lyrandar to transport the POW’s out of Cyre. Extended Rest at the House Lyrandar enclave.

Using the sewers again the party snuck into the barracks storage room. Oenomaus spied into the room on the main floor to find 11 soldiers training. Meanwhile, Tryn Shortcloak caused a distraction in the street so 9 of the training soldiers left the barracks to respond to the distraction leaving only 2 soldiers on the main floor which the party killed very easily. Ivellios found a nice magical crossbow hanging on one of the weapons racks. The group barred the main doors into the barracks to slow down anyone trying to come back in.

Sneaking up to the 2nd floor Oenomaus found 2 Halflings, 1 Warforged, 1 Dual Weilding Elf, and 1 Gnome Arcanist eating in the kitchen/dining area. Oenomaus again surprised everyone with a ranged attack against the Gnome. Watcher then charged into the room attacking the Gnome and bloodying him. The Halflings were able to trip people knocking them prone and the Dual Weilding Elf unleashed a 27 damage attack against Athemathos, luckily Vailen was able to protect him from some of the damage. Watcher charged a Halfing jumped onto a table using the gavity to strengthen his attack, doing more damage. The party made short work of the baddies.

After that battle the party noticed through a window that soldiers were trying to break down the main door and re-enter the barracks.

Going into the next room the group discovered the sleeping quarters for the soldiers. Inside were 22 bunk beds and 17 soldiers. Thankfully, 16 of them were minions. Athemathos ripped apart numerous minions with his Dragonbreath opening a path for the other party members to enter the room without taking opportunity attacks. Near the end of the battle the two defenders, Vailen and Athemathos were arguing which minions they were going to kill. The defenders ended up switching places so Vailen could attack two at once while Athemathos attacked a single soldier. Vailen missed his attacks against the two minions and Athemathos missed against the single minion. Meanwhile, Watcher, Ivellios and Oenomaus were killing everything in sight. In the end, the party made short work of the 17 soldiers. After this fight Tryn caught up with the group after making her distraction. Tryn, Vailen, Durmindin guarded the stairs as the soldiers were entering the barracks from the street.

Going upstairs to the third floor the group found Colonel Nelacar’s room. Inside the room was Nelacar…and 7 dogs. Nelacar was a mean son of a bitch using a spiked chain weapon. Watcher tried to go toe-to-toe with Nelacar and ended up being tripped prone by the chain and then stomped on by Nelacar which bloodied him with 9 HP left. Athemathos walked into the centre of the room and marked Nelacar plus all 7 dogs. As a result all the dogs attacked Athemathos, they knocked Athemathos prone and then nearly mauled him to death leaving him with 6 HP. Ivellios healed Athemathos and then Namesless tried to get to Watcher to heal him but there were too many dogs in the way and Nelacar did another attack on Watcher causing him to drop below 0 HP. Ivellios ended up healing Watcher as well back to 12 HP, but guess what, Nelacar hit Watcher again for 12 HP bringing him back down to 0 HP before he even had a chance to do anything. Ivellios was now out of healing so it was up to Athemathos to Lay on Hands Watcher and heal him again. Watcher and Oenomaus focused their attacks on Nelacar causing massive damage; Oenomaus nailed a critical. One of the dogs was chasing Ivellios onto a table and into a corner until Ivellios was forced to take the opportunity attack in order to do a ranged attack against the adjacent dog and finally kill it. Nelacar eventually dropped and the rest of the dogs were easy work.

Now the party could hear soldiers banging on the door to the Nelacar’s room. Athemathos barred the door with Nelacar’s king size bed. The group found a stormbiting rapier in Nelacar’s room and they took every piece of paper they could find hoping it would be useful information and not having much time to sort through it all. Ivellios discovered the portal device was broken (from the freefall when he hit a tree branch on the way down) and would not function properly unless someone stayed behind to complete the magical teleportation circle. Ivellios used his body to channel the arcane energy and complete the teleportation circle. Tryn jumped through the portal to Wroat and Athemathos kicked Nelacar’s body through the portal as well. Before jumping through the portal Athemathos tied a rope to Ivellios. Everyone but Ivellios jumped through the portal safely to Wroat; Ivellios stayed to keep the portal open. On the other side of the portal the group pulled the rope as hard as they could to pull Ivellios through but as he became disconnected from the arcane circle the portal closed. Ivellios smashed his nose face first into the hard floor of Nelecar’s room, he was left behind. In Wroat, the portal closed leaving the group holding a cut piece of rope which used to be attached to Ivellios.

In Wroat, the group gave the documents to Lord General Leonan ir’Ellamin and explained that Ivellios had to be left behind to save the group. The General vowed to send the Major’s Elite back into Cyre to save Ivellios as soon as the Spy Network learned of what happened to him and where he was being held. But for 7 days the spies could not learn of any information regarding Ivellios’ location or fate. But the spies did report to the General that Colonel Nelacar was still alive in Kalazart. Breland sent 20,000 soldiers into Cyre to invade, meanwhile 10,000 Cyre soldiers met them. On the 7th day after the party’s escape from Cyre, the Day of Mourning happened. All 30,000 soldiers involved in the battle died along with everyone else in Cyre. Cyre soldiers and civilians fled the Mourning into Breland and Breland offered them aid and setup a refugee camp for them to stay.

We fast forward two years to the year 996 YK and the Treaty of Thronehold is signed ending the Last War and allowing Warforged to be treated as sentient beings and not property. Nothing regarding Ivellios’ whereabouts was ever discovered, you can only assume he died during the Day of Mourning in Cyre. Once the treaty was signed the party was disbanded from the Breland army. Major Kevril Urthadar retired and settled down in the city of Starilaskur in Breland.

Another two years goes by and we’re into the year 998 YK. And the party is now level 3!

Questions about your party. What did you do after the group was disbanded? Did you remain together? Do you have an annual bbq? Did you adventure? And what are you doing today?

July 1st 2012
7th day of Lharvion, 994YK

Sailing on the Nightingale the party used the cover of nightfall to cross over the Cyre border undetected. Once a mile outside of Kalazart the Major’s Elite stood on the edge of the airship, looked down at the ground 2.5 miles below and jumped. Oenomaus Mensah and Vailen d’Lyrandar were able to swallow their fear of the freefall but Durmindin and Ivellios O’Connel couldn’t help but be afraid. Watcher jumped with no issues. During the fall Oenomaus tried to ‘float’ over to aid his allies and bolster their resolve but he lost control and shot past them. Vailen, while not afraid, had a hard time seeing with his eyes watering so much from the wind. Vailen attempted to flip onto his back to momentarily clear the water from his eyes so he could properly see the ground. However, Vailen lost control and ended up spinning off to the side. As the Elite neared the ground they activated their rings of freefall to land safely, but not quietly. Durmindin landed on a twig causing it to snap. Ivellios hit and entire tree branch causing it to break. Worst of all was Vailen who was slowly falling into the middle of a Cyre’s army patrol camp. To avoid falling into the middle of the camp Vailen activated an encounter power and used the wind to fly off to the side. Unfortunately, Vailen landed on a guard taking a piss, alerting the whole camp. Combat ensued. In the beginning, Vailen was surrounded by 5 soldiers being flanked on all sides, but he was able to parry and dodge all their attacks. Eventually the party killed the whole group.

Using Kalazart sewers the party crept into the city and headed for the Lyrandar enclave where they stayed for the night. Using scouting, streetwise and the services of House Phiarlan the party determined Tryn Shortcloak was being held in the local prison and Colonel Nelacar was staying in the main barracks. Vailen and Watcher stayed in the Lyrandar enclave while Ivellios, Durmindin and Oenomaus used the sewers to sneak into the prison storage room to rescue Tryn. Oenomaus peeked into the next room to find 3 prisoners being tortured by 3 guards. Oenomaus, using a surprise round, leaped into the room and attacked a torturer immediately bloodying him. Oenomaus paid for it, as he was cut with a scalpel causing 5 ongoing damage which he repeatedly failed the saving throw for. And then Oenomaus was burned by a hot poker causing more ongoing damage, bringing him down to 2 HP. Ivellios had to heal Oenomaus but he was having his own problems with a dual sword wielding elf. The elf landed 2 attacks on Ivellios causing 24 damage and bringing him near death. Eventually the party managed to beat the 3 torturers.

In the next room, Oenomaus was spying on a goon with a club and a big fat cook in a wife-beater. But the goon spotted Oenomaus and initiative was rolled. The goon died quickly but the cook was a tougher foe. He took lots of hits to bring down. Durmindin really shined during this battle knocking the cook prone with a Grasping Vortex. Then when the cook was next to Oenomaus and attacking him Durmindin pushed the cook to the other side of the room. The party made short work of the cook without taking much damage.

The Major’s Elite opened the next door to find stairs leading up further into the prison. Hopefully Tryn Shortcloak will be found somewhere upstairs. And that’s where the session ended. Find out what happens next time in Eberron…

May 21 2012, Part 2
5th day of Lharvion, 994YK

3 months after saving the village of Baldridge…Being called into Wroat the party had a meeting in a war room within Brokenblade Castle. In attendance were, Major Kevril Urthadar, Lord General Leonan ir’Ellamin, Cardinal Traben, and Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar.

Lord General Leonan welcomed the Major’s Elite Squad and congratulated them on their work thus far. He informed the Major’s Elite that he had a special mission for them.

Using the Nightingale airship, Captained by Oloros d’Lyrandar, the Elite shall fly into Cyre territory under the cover of night fall undetected. Once near the city of Kalazart the Major’s Elite Squad will jump from the Nightingale and use rings of featherfall to land safely. Once they sneak into the city of Kalazart via sewage tunnels they have two objectives:

Main Objective: Steal Cyre military documents from Colonel Nelacar

Secondary Objective: Locate and rescue the Breland spy, Tryn Shortcloak.

Once their objectives are complete they are to escape via a linked portal back to Brokenblade Castle in Wroat.

Join us next time in Eberron to find out what happens…

May 21 2012, Part 1
7th day of Eyre, 994YK

Picking up where we left off in the village of Baldridge…
After coercing the majority of the Cyre soldiers inside the inn, leaving one soldier outside the inn, the party attacked the soldiers. Durmindin and Shadow were still inside their crates and sprang free surprising the enemy. Watcher’s crate malfunctioned and would not open. There were numerous chairs inside the inn which the party and the Cyre soldiers were using by sliding them into their opponents square to gain combat advantage against them. During the battle Durmindin was also using the chairs as improvised shields. At one point a soldier attempted to move past Durmindin and he responded by smashing the soldier in the face with the chair. Shadow was killed and sent back to the feywild until Durmindin summoned him back again. As the battle ensued inside the inn the soldier that remained outside went to inform Lt. Fletcher that the village was under attack. Later, during the battle a soldier kicked a chair into Vailen d’Lyrandar’s gut causing him to hunch over and then the soldier followed with a shield bash smashing Vailen into the wall behind him for more damage. Vailen paid him back by sticking his sword into the soldier’s chest and sending lightning and thunder down the blade causing the soldier to explode with blood and guts splattering the room. The battle ended when Oenomaus Mensah voluntarily stepped into a fire pit, burning himself but then lured the last remaining soldier into the fire after him, burning the soldier to death.
The 8 hostages inside the inn were very thankful and the owner of the inn gave Durmindin a +1 Feyswarm Staff which he kept above the bar as thanks.

The party freed Watcher from his faulty crate and told him to watch the hostages. The group learned that Lt. Fletcher was held up at the town hall and the hostages were being held in a barn. The party decided to free the hostages before going after Fletcher. Oenomaus stealthily scouted ahead and counted 5 guards waiting near the barn. He reported back to Vailen who decided to send Ivellios O’Connel disguised as the wizard they had just defeated in the inn to lure the soldiers away from the barn. Ivellios succeeded in convincing the soldiers that they needed help at the inn and 4 of the 5 soldiers left to help him, leaving 1 at the barn. However, as Ivellios was leaving he saw 3 more soldiers exit a blacksmith house carrying a torch to burn the barn down with the hostages inside. Ivellios told the 4 soldiers he was with, to go on ahead to the inn. He went back to the barn and convinced them that he should be the one to burn the barn down with the torch because, “They raped his sister.” The soldiers agreed and gave the torch to Ivellios.

Meanwhile, Durmindin and Shadow had stealthily crawled through a grassy field to the rear of the barn. The 4 soldiers sent to the inn by Ivellios under the guise of the wizard arrived only to find the front door locked, while Vailen, Oenomaus, Watcher and the 8 hostages snuck out the back door. Watcher and the hostages hid in a field where he could watch them. Vailen and Oenomaus proceeded to sneak up to the barn.

Back at the barn, Ivellios was still holding the torch with 4 Cyre soldiers expecting him to light the barn on fire for retribution for what the hostages had done to his sister. Durmindin left the grassy field and was quietly walking to help Ivellios when a soldier heard him, then spotted him and combat ensued. 2 of the 4 soldiers swarmed Durmindin and while a 3rd was headed that way, Ivellios tripped the soldier pretending it was an accident and the solider believed him. But the 4th soldier didn’t fall for the trick and attacked Ivellios.

Vailen and Oenomaus quickly joined the fight and shortly after them were the 4 soldiers Ivellios had sent to the inn. Ivellios tossed the torch away but didn’t douse it. One Cyre soldier grabbed the torch and then passed it like a baton to another soldier who proceeded to a window to light the barn on fire with the hostages inside. Oenomaus killed the soldiers with the torch but then didn’t douse the flames, but then he was flanked by two soldiers who dealt him lots of damage and he needed healing. Finally Oenomaus doused the torch flames while Ivellios came to heal him; and the whole time a poorly trained Cyre solider who held his sword by the sharp end and attacked with the hilt was attacking Ivellios from behind but kept missing. With the torch doused the party eventually killed the remaining soldiers and freed the hostages. The party found some Boots of Adept Charging that they would hold for Watcher until he was done watching the hostages.

Lt. Fletcher was waiting for the party at the town hall where he had 4 hostages tied to a 10ft high balcony railing with Elven archers using the hostages as cover. Meanwhile Fletcher had 3 soldiers and 1 wizard on the ground with him. Durmindin started off the battle by knocking a soldier and wizard prone with Grasping Vortex, but then two deadly soldiers with shortswords attacked Durmindin. Oenomaus came to Durmindin’s rescue engaging the soldiers in battle while Vailen foolishly headed straight for Lt. Fletcher. Fletcher made two devastating attacks against Vailen, missing both, but a soldier flanked Vailen and landed a brutal cut down his back, bringing Vailen to near death. Ivellios was rushing to Vailen’s aid to heal him when the wizard grasped Ivellios with a giant hand of force immobilizing him. With no one to help him Vailen used his second wind to bolster himself and then launched a devastating attack dealing lightning damage to Fletcher and a soldier with ongoing damage. To assist Vailen, Durmindin summoned a Cobra which began to bite Fletcher repeatedly dealing massive damage and poisoning Lt. Fletcher. After two bites from the cobra, Fletcher was bloodied and near death. Once Fletcher died the Elven archers focused their attacks on Ivellios fatally wounding him; he was dying. Durmindin rushed to his aid using a heal check to grant him use of his second wind. After that the party made short work of the rest of the soldiers, archers and wizard and saved the hostages. Looting Lt. Fletcher the group found a +1 Cloak of Distortion.

After saving the hostages the party lit the green smoke rods and within a few hours Major Kevril Urthadar and a platoon of soldiers were arriving in Baldridge. The Major was impressed, not one hostage died during the party’s infiltration of the village. He paid the group 1,000 gp for hazard pay and asked if they would be interested in doing some more missions like this. The party said yes.

3 months passed as the group completed many more special missions for the Breland/Thrane coalition army. The party leveled up to Level 2! The squad became somewhat of a legend amongst the other soldiers as they would tell stories of the exploits of the Major’s Elite Squad.

After months of successful missions, the squad was summoned to a meeting in Wroat, Breland’s capital…

April 29 2012
5th day of Eyre, 994 YK

The party was recruited by Major Kevril Urthadar of the Breland army to “deliver supplies” posing as a delivery from House Orien from Cyre to the village of Baldridge in Breland that had been taken over by Lt. Fletcher—someone known for using hostages to save his own hide, so therefore our actual purposes were to:
- rescue the villagers
- kill Lt. Fletcher.

Our horses and dirt-laden carriage were delivered by Lt. Vailen d’Lyrandar‘s airship, the Nightingale. The Nightingale is captained by Captain Oloros d’Lyrandar who dropped our team and carriage to a location a short journey from the village. Durmindin (and his pet displacer beast, Shadow) and Watcher hid in crates in the back of the carriage.

We were ambushed by a group of 5 hobgoblins, whom we dispatched without too much difficulty even though they raised a net and had set a few traps. One of the hobgoblins ran away; we tied up another and left him in a pit after questioning him briefly. After looting their bodies we found 100GP and 2 potions of healing.

We came across a patrol of Lt. Fletcher’s men. Through some smooth talking, invoking the fear of Lt. Fletcher’s wrath and the potential for further hobgoblin attack, ensuring the hidden party members stayed quiet, sharing our own rations with the patrol, and distracting the patrol with some air-spirit-rustled bushes, we were able to convince the patrol to let us proceed to the village unmolested and without the patrol checking our crates.

We took an extended rest before travelling to the village, in order to ensure we were as fresh as possible to handle whatever might be in store for us upon our arrival.

At the village, we got all 8 villagers, 5 guards and 2 wizards into the inn through various pretenses about unloading the cart, while Ivellios O’Connel fixed a cart outside and 2 more guards were watching the outside of the inn. Vailen then called Ivellios into the inn to “check something”, standing in such a way that he could close the door behind him; on his way, Ivellios got one of the outside guards to tighten something on the cart to keep him occupied. While coming into the inn, Ivellios tried to fake a trip in such a way that he could grab the door handle to “catch himself” and close the door behind him; he managed to close the door, but didn’t fake the trip convincingly, so the guards have all been alerted that we are trying to do something sneaky.

Next session, we will start by rolling initiative! We have been told that we can assess relative skill level of the baddies, so we may want to work that in as well.


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