Illyanna Lyrandar

Female Half-Elf Artificer


While Illyanna Lyrandar is Vailen’s sister, she went missing on the Day of Mourning. Since that day Dox has been impersonating her until he was revealed to be a changeling by Dorian d’Cannith.


Illyanna stands 5’ 4" about 105 lbs. Raven black hair, hazel eyes and a small but toned body are her stand out points. (Not to mention a little junk in the bag of holding, if you know what I mean)While she may not be strong, she makes up for it in mental alacrity. As intelligent as her brother, Vailen, the two compete often as siblings would. Though Vailen would hate to see any harm befall his younger kin, he did wish sometimes he was an only child. Illyanna has a way to get under his skin, a bond that Vailen adores and loathes simultaneously.
She can usually be seen with rods and wands sticking out of her backpack. Goggles rest upon her head and a crossbow is slung over her back. She has a sash she wears over her left shoulder that has vials of various colours strapped to it, that shake with volatility. She has a disembodied hand that crawls about her, helping with disabling traps and handing her various reagents.

Illyanna Lyrandar

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