Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

Sept. 22, 2013

Present: Oenomaus, Vailen, Dox, Durmindin. Inferna was also with us.

Remember we were looking for the origin of the Mourning, with the clues that the Queen was probably present when it happened and it originated underground. Because of this, we were investigating pretty much any cave or stairs leading down within the ruins of a particular city in the Mournland.

Battle 1:
We entered a large cave that had molten lava flowing under a glassy floor. Glass stalagmite-type things poked up out of the floor, and there was a 3×3 pool of lava near the middle of the room. It also had some small vent holes in some areas of the walls. The room looked as if part of it had been a natural cave and the far side looked more like a room. We fought 3 not-insubstantial ghosty things that had a shared HP pool (these tried to possess us), 3 living chilling cloud spells (these came out of the vent holes, and their cold contrasting with the heat of the lava caused the glass to break some), and a ghostly-looking hag that tried to sing to us. The chilling clouds had an Aura 1 that gave us a penalty to attacks.

Skill checks helped us notice that the ghosts were wearing the insignia of House Deneith. Inferna missed practically every attack she attempted. Durmindin got 2 critical hits and Dox got 1. Oenomaus got possessed, but we managed to free him before anything major happened to him. Overall, we managed to come through with only small cuts and scrapes. Looking around afterward, we were able to ascertain that this had been a House Deneith enclave. Oenomaus got hit by one of the glowing orbs from the forge that have been randomly slamming into us; this upgraded his Iron Armbands.

Battle 2:
On exiting the cave, we found ourselves facing a slightly elevated platform topped by a smaller platform. It also had 2 statues on it covered in webbing and a third statue that had partially crumbled. The side of the platform closest to us was also somewhat crumbled, allowing us to ascend the platform via difficult terrain without going all the way around to the stairs. Two undead creatures spotted us and began to advance towards us, and we quickly discovered that the webs were living acidic webs. They could shoot webs at us that caused us to be immobilized and take ongoing acid damage. Clouds of daggers also showed up to cause mayhem. (Yes, this is basically the same encounter Chris set against us another session, but not levelled up so Paul says this won’t be as difficult.)

We done good. I don’t know what to say about this one, sorry!

Battle 3:
We spent the night in an old church of the Sovereign Host. There were various holes in the walls; we used pews to try to patch up some of these. Moaning was heard throughout the night, but nothing attacked us until the morning. Shortly after rising, various undead minions approached and started to bust up the pews we’d put in the holes. If you were next to them when they died, black guck got on you and caused damage. There were A LOT of these (43 total)…they just kept coming. Inferna took a lot of damage because we left her out attacking some of the zombies outside (plus Durmindin included her in an area attack), but the rest of us did pretty well in terms of HP.



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