Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

May 19th, 2013

17th of Dravago - 16th of Nymm, 999YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The session begins with the group still in the dungeon of a group of Cult of Khyber followers. Located under the ruins of Baran’s Keep in Breland. In the last room of the dungeon the group comes across a ritual being performed by a high priest of the Cultists. He’s transforming humans into strange abominations. There were 8 guards along the hallway to the ritual chamber. In the ritual chamber were 3 large abominations and the Khyber High Priest. The guards were only minions but they made it awkward to move down the hallway to the abominations and the priest. Anyone who made it past the guards was met with the large tentacled abominations who would grab their target and then slowly drain their life by sustaining the grab. Meanwhile the Priest was blinding the PC’s and restraining them whenever possible. The group came out on top, killing all the guards, abominations and high priest. Then they followed through with their plan, stealing items and clothing of the Cult of Khyber so they may pose as them when they attack the corrupt priests of the Silver Flame.

Now the group was posed as Cultists of Khyber, and to avoid being tracked too easily, traveled across Breland via horseback so no ID papers had to be shown. This involved several weeks of traveling. We had a list of four people to kill and frame the Cult of Khyber for it. In Sharn – Otitlin Carter, Male Human Archpriest of Silver Flame and half-brother to Cruorin Carter. In Wroat – Cruorin Carter, Male Half-Elf Archpriest of Silver Flame and half-brother to Otitlin Carter. In Ardev – Eilsaadi Songdeath, Female Half-orc Bishop of Silver Flame. In Moonwatch – Wiltiln Runehouse, Male Dwarf Archpriest of Silver Flame. This portion of the mission was a skill challenge where the group got to pose as evil cultists and kill priests and scare innocent people. The group was successful in killing all the priests and properly framing Khyber Cultists for the murders. However, Vailen d’Lyrandar began to worry the group as he became extremely involved in “pretending” to be evil. One of his plans involved releasing an abomination during a sermon in a busy church, and having no regard for the lives of the innocent followers of the Silver Flame attending the sermon. Luckily, Vailen d’Lyrandar was convinced that the plan was a bad idea. Instead, Oenomaus Mensah turned invisible and stabbed the Priest through the back and out his chest during the sermon, causing mass panic.

The murders of the four priests had the desired affect and the Council of Cardinals called for a meeting to discuss the recent audacious attacks from Khyber Cultists and how to respond. The group snuck into Flamekeep and waited for the Council to meet. The meeting chamber has one entrance (guarded) and one secret entrance (not guarded) so the group split up in order to flank the Council as well as prevent any Cardinals from easily escaping. There were four guards plus 10 Cardinals at the meeting; we only had to kill 5 of the Cardinals and steal their souls with Soul Gems provided by Samyr Kes. The group has to make sure to deal non-lethal damage to the other Cardinal members. There was one member of the Council the group believed was on their side. An insight check revealed he was not fighting as well as he could have, in other words, he was pulling his punches. And once all the other good Cardinals were unconscious he assisted the group in killing the last remaining corrupt Cardinal. The group then had to knock him out so as not to appear suspicious.

That is where the session ended. Next session, get to High Cardinal Krozen and kill him. He never attends the Council meetings.



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