Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

July 28th 2013

18th of Lharvion, 999YK

In Attendance: Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Ulvein Corsairyk, Vailen d’Lyrandar, Watcher

We were chasing the House Tharashk monsters through the hilly lands of Breland when we saw them leave in a small elemental airship, a Dagger Class. They headed south-east. Not being able to catch up to them in the ship we went to House Orien to rent some Magebread Horses with enchanted hooves. This cost us 100gp each, 50gp of that is a deposit plus 2gp per day. We rode day and night over the next couple days, desperately trying to keep the airship within our sight, which Oenomaus Mensah was very good at spotting with his keen eyesight. We had to endure riding so hard without extended rests, only being able to take multiple short rests during the ride. If we failed the endurance check then we were too tired to assist with spotting and following the airship. After following the airship for many days we saw them land in the distance right next to the dead gray mist of the Mournland. We saw numerous creatures enter the Mournland mists. We searched the airship once we arrived at it, the crew was no where to be found but we did find the Half-Elf Captain of the ship with his Mark of Storm but he was dead. House Lyrandar was betrayed by whomever hired them. On the ship we found evidence that Infernatrix (Inferna) was on it by claw marks and scorch marks.

We entered the dead-gray mists of the Mournland and had to navigate our way through the thick fog. While in the Mournland healing is more difficult and the mist seems to drain our hope. A few of us permanently lost healing surges which we can only regain once we exit the Mournland. Durmindin and Watcher were kind enough to allow Ulvein Corsairyk to suck a little of each of their blood so he could regain one healing surge. With Durmindin‘s excellent sense of direction we easily made it through the mist plus Oenomaus Mensah and Ulvein Corsairyk were able to stealthily lead the group to avoid encounters with numerous wandering creatures. We eventually made it through the thick mist and came across an old battlefield with dead bodies laying on the ground. Vailen d’Lyrandar cast detect magic and located a magical helmet for himself.

As we continued to follow the tracks of Infernatrix (Inferna) captors we stumbled upon some undead Cyre soldiers eating recently deceased bodies. (House Tharashk members?) We fought the undead monsters plus a living spell of Evard’s Black Tentacle combined with a Ray of Enfeeblement. And two insubstantial ghosts joined against us. (I don’t remember much of this fight because this is when my web browser shut down and I stopped making notes.) But I do remember Watcher focusing his attacks on the Tentacles and they died by the 2nd round. Very impressive. Also, Durmindin summoned her demon, _________ (name?) to join us in the fight.

After defeating those monsters we continued to follow the tracks. They brought us to the Glass Plateau which is in the centre of the Mournland near the city of Making. On the plateau we encountered 2 living spells of Corrosive Webbing, 6-8 living spells of Cloud of Daggers and 2 ash covered zombie-like monsters. The Clouds of Dagger died easily with one hit. Ulvein Corsairyk and Vailen d’Lyrandar got into a minor argument about who to attack. Ulvein Corsairyk wanted to attack the Daggers and Vailen d’Lyrandar insisted he focus his attacks on the Corrosive Webbing. Ulvein Corsairyk eventually did as Vailen suggested, attacking the Webbing, and even went as far as to bite the webbing and suck it’s blood. (Webbing blood…strange…) Durmindin had summoned a Desert Hawk earlier in the battle and now planned to do numerous attacks through use of an Action Point. Durmindin made an attack roll but rolled a 5 and missed. The target of his attack was Oenomaus Mensah‘s oath so he allowed Durmindin a re-roll. He tried again but instead rolled a 3, missed again. Durmindin then spent an action point and made a second attack but rolled a critical miss! Now for the Desert Hawk, it made an instinctive attack roll but rolled another critical miss! Because of Durmindin’s action point the Hawk got to make another attack and tried again but rolled a 2! Five attack rolls and not one of them hit. It must of been the despair from the dead-gray mist of the Mournland getting to Durmindin. We eventually won this fight and continued following the tracks.

The tracks lead us to the ruin city of Making and into a building with the coat of arms for House Cannith. That is where the session ended.



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