Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

July 1st, 2013 (Canada Day!)

16th of Nymm, 999YK

In Attendance: Athemathos, Durmindin, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The group had just defeated the Council of Cardinals of the Silver Flame, killing 5 corrupt members and stealing their souls with Soul Gems. As the group quickly rested and cleaned their weapons they heard guards approaching from outside the chamber. The group had planned to exit out the secret doors but there were guards approaching from both exits. Two of the guards fought with shield and bastard sword. They had a maneuver in which they would knock you prone with their shield and then attack with their bastard sword, keeping you prone for a whole turn. The other two guards were ranged attackers, attacking with silver flames and creating zones of burning fire. They could also teleport and create a zone of smoke causing obscured vision. Every member of the group got bloodied this battle, but the group won, none the less. Before leaving the Council chamber the group made sure to carve the symbol for the Cult of Khyber into the council table.

The group made their way through the halls avoiding guard patrols, paladins and other members of the Silver Flame. Eventually they came to the entrance to Krozen’s throne room which was being guarded by four of Krozen’s personal and most loyal guards. Two of the guards fought with whips; their tactic was to trip you and then attempt a more devastating attack while you were prone. Thanks to interventions from Athemathos and Vailen d’Lyrandar the more devastating attacks were never successful. The other two guards fought with glaives with a melee reach of 2, plus threatening reach. Durmindin took one of these glaive guards out of the fight by pushing him into a small alcove at the side of the room and then putting difficult terrain in front of him plus hitting him with a Grasping Tide so if he attempted to leave the area he might be knocked prone. In addition to that, someone else restrained the same guard so he was stuck there for a couple rounds. Oenomaus Mensah utilized the alcoves in the room by moving his Oath target to one of them so he could focus his attacks against his Oath. This group of guards dropped easier than the first group met in the council chamber, perhaps it was the excellent use of the alcoves in the room.

In the next room was Krozen, waiting, with two Bulezau demons and two archers. Krozen tried to bargain with the group in an attempt to make an alliance. He pointed out that the group (still posed as Khyber cultist) worshiped Khyber and other demons and that he kept the company of demons. The Cult of Khyber could benefit from having an secret ally as powerful as Krozen on their side. The group refused, repeatedly. Meanwhile, Oenomaus Mensah was invisible thanks to his armor and was sneaking closer and closer to Krozen while he spoke. Krozen realized the group was not going to accept his offer and he ordered his demons to attack. The Bulezau were large goat-like demons with huge spears and long tails. The spears gave them melee 3 reach and their tails were melee 2. As a minor action they could trip you with their tail. They also got two attacks per turn with the huge spear. The archers had the skill to hit one target with an arrow and have that arrow glance off the first target and hit a second target. Krozen was able to daze, stun and cause ongoing damage with his attacks. The group handled Krozen very well as Durmindin began the encounter by summoning two snakes to flank Krozen, impeding on his ranged attacks. Krozen responded by having the Bulezau demons attack and kill the snakes as quickly as possible. The group mainly focused on Krozen, they successfully put Krozen’s back to a wall and surrounded him with Durmindin‘s snake, Athemathos, Oenomaus Mensah and Vailen d’Lyrandar. Everyone attacked Krozen and it seemed like he might drop quickly, but he had a special amulet which he focused on one of the Bulezau demons. The demon’s life force was sucked into the amulet and then transferred to Krozen, healing him. However, the group continued to pound on him, causing Krozen to steal the life of the second demon as well. Krozen remained trapped, surrounded by the group, and desperation took over. Krozen realized that Durmindin was from another plane and he hoped his amulet would be able to steal his life force as it had with the demons. Krozen focused the amulet on Durmindin and began to drain his life. Vailen d’Lyrandar landed a killing blow on Krozen ending the attack on Durmindin but as Durmindin‘s life force began to transfer back through the amulet and back into Durmindin’s body something went wrong. The amulet exploded, releasing various demonic souls which vanished through the walls and windows of the throne room. But one demon soul got stuck with the life force returning to Durmindin and bound with him. Not fully aware of what had just happened the group continued as planned. They stole Krozen’s soul via the Soul Gem. Guards could be heard searching the castle for the intruders. The group stashed away all Cult of Khyber items and then “joined” the guards in the search for the Khyber assailants, who were surprisingly never found.

Mission Accomplished.

The Silver Flame had never felt so vulnerable. The head of the church had been easily attacked and defeated in their very own head quarters. The Cult of Khyber appeared out of nowhere and vanished just as easily. Samyr Kes, leader of Miron’s Tears, used his secret agents to manipulate the puppet strings of events over the next several weeks in Thrane. His agent on the Council of Cardinals subtly suggested to the other Cardinals that the Silver Flame might not be able to handle the responsibilities of both the church and of Thrane. His agent with Queen Diani ir’Wynarn, she is rightful heir to the throne of Thrane, pushed the Queen to use this opportunity of weakness in the Silver Flame to take the throne. Whether it has a hostile ascension to the throne or a peaceful one is not fully known. But in the public eye, perhaps in an effort to show strength and unity to the other Nations of Khorvaire, it was seen as a collaborative effort. The Keeper of the Flame and the Council of Cardinals stepped aside and endorsed Queen Diani ir’Wynarn’s right to the throne of Thrane. They even stayed as advisers to the Queen during the transition period from one leader to another.

The church of the Silver Flame also focused on revenge against the Cult of Khyber. They announced a church sanctioned scouring of the continent to destroy all Cults of Khyber and their ilk. Similar to the Purge in 832YK when they nearly brought Lycanthropes to the point of extinction. Dark days lie ahead for the Cult of Khyber…

While all this was happening over the next several weeks, the group went about their own personal business.

Vailen d’Lyrandar sailed a few missions for House Lyrandar. During one mission he was thought dead when the crew witnessed him struck by lightning during a bad storm. But he survived and emerged stronger and more in-tune with the elements of the storm after that.

Durmindin traveled to the Eldeen Reaches to seek a solution to being freed from this demon bound to him. He studied with many druids, fey and Gatekeepers of the Reaches but did not find a way to unbind the demon. However, his studies did strengthen his summoning abilities.

Dox began inventing and tinkering with tiny constructs. He learned ways to use them in battle against his enemies and to aid his allies. Dox also started adding improvements to Watcher. Making Watcher stronger and better at charging his opponents.

Thanks to their major role in over throwing High Cardinal Krozen and the other corrupt priests Oenomaus Mensah and Athemathos ascended the ranks within their secret organization, Miron’s Tears. Oenomaus Mensah became the right hand man to Samyr Kes and Athemathos became the left hand man. Both of them under went rituals to imbue them with more divine power and closer to the Silver Flame.

Funny side note to mention: Oenomaus Mensah had just retrained a level 2 utility power that he never (or rarely) used that allowed him to stand up from prone as a minor action. However, this particular day, in every battle there was a villain that could knock him prone. And Oenomaus Mensah had to wonder, why o’ why did he retrain that power?



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