Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

Jan. 10, 2015

We got a House Lyrandar airship (after buying griffons for ourselves and retrieving Inferna for the trip to Argonessen), and Vailen was made the captain. One day into our approximately 10-day journey, we encountered another airship flying House Lyrandar colours…and it attacked us! Vailen realized that the ship was one that had been taken by a rogue captain from House Lyrandar and had basically been used as a pirate ship ever since. Hippogryphs brought riders from the other ship to attack us, four minions fired wands from the ship, and catapults fired “deck sweeper” constructs over to attack us as well. Eventually we prevailed and carried on our way.

When we reached Argonesseon, we noticed an unnatural storm building up as we approached the continent with our airship, which dissipated as we backed off. Oenomaus, Dox and Watcher took some flying mounts on an experimental trip to see if going in without the large ship would make a difference. The storm did not re-develop, so we all headed in on flying mounts…and were approached by fire and air elementals. We have now vanquished them, but we are still in flight.



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