Prophecies of Storms & Dragons

April 14th, 2013 - Something something Cult of Khyber

17th of Dravago, 999YK

In attendance: Athemathos, Dox, Oenomaus Mensah, Vailen d’Lyrandar.

The group continued it’s search of the cultists underground hideout. Dox, Oenomaus and Vailen came upon a mud room. It had raised platforms connected with wooden planks over the soggy floor. A cultist brute waited at the doorway and two wizards inside. Oenomaus went invisible, to sneak into the room and get behind the brute. Dox stepped out to engage the brute and shot him, while Oenomaus surprised him from behind. Vailen flew in after and engaged the first wizard. These mages would curse you, lowering your defenses and then deal more damage to you. Also if you made your save against that condition, as an immediate reaction, they would make you re-roll your save. The fight wasn’t too difficult, Vailen was prone for more than half the battle after falling from one of the platforms. He just flew around and jumped, all the while lying down. Dox couldn’t rid him self of the defense penalty, due to both wizards making him re-roll his save.

With that room out of the way, Athemathos joined the group after some scouting. We found a secret door in the hallway near the mud room and went through it. It led to a small curtained area, part of a larger sleeping area, where one brute was rummaging through a chest, muttering to himself. The plan was for Oenomaus to go invisible and get behind him. Dox would then place his traps down in front of the other door leading out of the room. Sadly Dox failed his stealth check from behind the curtain and battle commenced. Oenomaus struck first and two more enemies quickly ran into the room. A mage stood out in the hallway. Another relatively easy fight and was over fairly fast.

We moved on from the sleeping quarters and came upon a torture room/jail. A brute waited inside, with a mage, two sneaky shifty guys and another brute torturer. The shifty guys could shift two squares, so the were constantly flanking and dealing more damage. Another good fight, not difficult. The highlight was when Oenomaus teleported the torturer into a cage in the corner of the room. He was then forced to drop his weapon and use ranged attacks.

Next we came across a very labyrinthine room, with many hallways and hidden fire traps in the intersections. More annoying curse mages this time, but also in this room were three tieflings who would set you on fire with a ranged area burst and then if you tried to move closer to them, you would take psychic damage. This battle took a lot out of us, the ongoing damage constantly ate away our health. The hallways gave the enemies lots of cover and made reaching them difficult. They basically had us pinned down in one hallway for the majority of the battle. We eventually killed them all looted them. We have now explored all of this compound except for one last area. In Zelda terms, we now have the boss key and are ready to enter the boss’ recluse.



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